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Found 1 result

  1. Breaking News: Sander committed his reworked entity on entity system. (turrets) Now we can make units embark on elephants, vehicles of all sort or even make one unit bear another(?). (Note that the prop-position is fixed and relative to the turret_holder wrapper, i.e. the object which bears the e.g. turret) Picking up arrows from the ground is now doable. (though it may need some special coding as usually the prop's position is fixed. If we could attach a prop to another prop,e.g. the hand while the body + arm + hand is being animated as a pick-up movement, then we only needed to attach the object to pick up to the hand prop and it would follow it in with a fixed relative position offset while still being free to rotate as defined per script!! not animation, rotation is now possible in a dynamic way!) Tanks with rotating turrets are now possible. Archers on horses/elephants/vehicles are now possible. Prop demolition system is now possible. (as props have their own health status + stamina! The latter could be used for limiting the endurability of material of e.g. tank turrets.) Now the sword first can break before the unit will be destroyed. Props are basically selectable now + have own health. Anarchid is furthermore putting Sander's turret system to work to achieve a full prop-holder prop animation synchronization (which I think could be used for tanks and horse-archers as auto-targeting, i.e. following moving targets.). The team is really going put a lot of magic into the next Alphas. Ormay it even be the first Betas ... who knows. At least it feels not really like Alpha if hadn't lag, which is being worked on ... I can't express enough how excited I am of where 0AD is going. Perhaps we can turn the tide even more. I will try by adding more 3D models for several other timeframes.
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