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    I am keeping a separate folder for each version of 0ad I play so I can look back on them later and see how the game has changed since Alpha 15. ^^
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    Can you play multiplayer with the SVN though?
  3. Was looking through this again, what exactly do you mean by 'gameplay' being judged as 1 of the 4 sections of judging? This seems rather vague to me.
  4. Wait, so what's the bug here? No description… :/
  5. I'm a Mac user. Note: I do have Eclipse and Xcode on my computer if I need to compile code to do it.
  6. I don't have the latest non-official release version, no. Would you mind providing a download link to the latest version as of this post? I don't know where to download it from.
  7. you can also abuse this for an easy win. In the past I've won via choosing Britons and a relatively small map and just rushing Petra's economy, easily destroying it without needing to lose a single unit(although I often do lose one because of my own carelessness). Then it's just a matter of training enough melee units to finish the CC.
  8. A suggestion: When we get these warnings that we are under attack by X player we never know exactly where it is coming from. The ability to hit a button that isn't currently being used like the backspace button(obviously when not chatting) to go straight to the location of the attack would be very useful. This is used in the game Tribal Trouble(you can download the demo for free on all systems to see what I'm talking about in action, using Tab instead) along with a similar sound and a Big red arrow pointing to the location as well.
  9. Very well handled. After looking at quite a few of his posts in the past I completely agree with the staff's decision, as even this is being lenient. Romulus if you are reading this then I would be grateful for the fact that the staff has allowed this to continue for as long as it has. They are even giving you one last chance despite your failure to take advantage of your many chances in the past to clean yourself up. if you seriously wish to improve your behavior and rejoin the community then I challenge you to read on and prove feneur wrong. Otherwise, please don't waste everyone's time any further if you don't seriously wish to improve. I recommend that you take a walk or whatever it is that helps you think, and then sit down and make a list of things that you need to improve in your posts at wildfiregames' forums. Politely pm a couple of the staff members to help you and politely ask them to explain anything you don't understand. Proofread every pm you write twice before you send it. Once right after you write it and once after taking a break and doing other things. You may want to save pm's and posts in a word document so you can look at them later to check for any bannable errors. You need to be as careful as you can to prevent yourself from slipping up. If you enter a state where you feel anger or rage then take a break and come back to the computer with a cool head. Overall, remember to use common sense and treat others like you would like to be treated. Gratuitous swearing, insults, or trolling will get you banned. If you must be rude and flame someone don't do it at this extremely early stage in your rehabilitation. Just don't say anything at all until you can post without being rude. Later on, at least be smart and creative about it if you must do it at all(Again, it is best to not do it at all!). Don't go calling others names or insulting their [insert adjective here]. In general, you'll never go wrong by being nice, polite and mature. There is a general etiquette that the community members follow that you can only learn through reading and posting but here are a few examples: Jokes at the expense of someone's gender, race, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation are not acceptable.DO NOT POST IN ALL CAPS EVER AGAIN. IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU ARE SCREAMINGPost your topics in the appropriate forum. If you can't find a topic you created, politely pm a staff member about it and do NOT under ANY circumstances make a new topic to ask what happened to the original topic or to just re-post what just got moved/removed. Don't post NSFW content, this isn't the place for it.Don't spam.Don't go overboard with meme's, and don't post any meme that may be considered rude or insulting.Respect veterans of the community, they have been here long enough to acquire a certain level of respect from others.It is very important to carefully consider the context of the conversation and the user you are responding to. Make sure you are informed on a discussion before posting your thoughts as that topic you thought from the title was about berries might have evolved into a conversation about giraffes and elephants. Don't be a backseat moderator or post just for the sake of being rude or posting without contributing anything in general. Some people bring happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go. Which will you be?
  10. Yeah, when you select a group of units there is a vertical blue bar next to a green bar, when you hover over them green is HP and blue is Stamina. Stamina never falls below full from what I've seen.
  11. Okay, by the way I just noticed that there was a stamina bar yesterday lol. What role does Stamina play in 0A.D.?
  12. So generally speaking when balancing what are the alternatives? I want to know since I am striving to become a CompSci major in college and end up programming games for a living.
  13. yeah that whole file is included in the zipped folder. I believe that #491 is the one that includes that game's log(I played with alliance towards the end of the game during the attack to see whether it would have any effect)
  14. Funny thing… I just watched that last night when I got curious about your FPVODs lol. Did not notice that that was what you were doing ._. . Well, I'll certainly be trying that out now then!
  15. Thanks loki. Btw in the Mac OS instructions on that page the \ should be removed. While for some reason I couldn't find a commands.txt I did find the save file and the logs folder. Maybe this will help? ^^' savedad.zip
  16. The version I used: http://releases.wildfiregames.com/rc/ I don't know how to find the commands.txt file.
  17. Tbh I never have since I always saw making houses more efficient(thus needing less) as a better route to go than making villagers.
  18. Got an error where the ai couldn't find the path and decided it was going to go into the bottom right corner of the world in a 3 player map(with a river going through the map to separate the 3 players and an upper area that needs ships to access). At first it seemed like it was being really smart and going below my base(thus around my wooden wall I made for defending against it) but then I noticed an error in the top left of 'can't find path'. At first I thought this was related to his other army he had attacked with at the same time(Yes 2 full armies of same unit composition) that I noticed had broken through my gate while I was managing resource gatherers. It wasn't long however before I noticed his whole army on the bottom was trying to go through the bottom left corner of the map as if it were able to use that as a path to get to the enemy in the top right corner. He then continued to add another army to this group at which point I decided to exit since the game was going on for a long time and I didn't feel like playing with a buggy ai that loved attacking me Note: This was using the Mac version of alpha.
  19. It just seems odd to me that it is so small since that really means that it is basically having almost 0 impact on the game. I never really see women used outside of farming/gathering. :/
  20. Does it have to be someone's name? If not: qasida, a persian or arabian elegiac poem Roman names for objects quadriga, a racing chariot quaestor, a treasury official qualus, as wicker basket quercus, the military crown of oak leaves quirites, the formal connotation of Roman citizens.
  21. Any specific reason that you guys made the range so small?
  22. I mean something where just against calvary units they run faster. Just like how when units see that they are lagging behind an army ahead of them they run to the army at a faster speed than normal. Spearmen attacking any non-calvary unit: Normal running speed. Spearmen ordered to attack calvary unit: GODSPEED GOGOGO! One idea might be to make it so only when within a certain range of the calvary unit will their speed pick up.
  23. Downloaded and played, thank you so much! A small error I noticed was that when I played the new AI on Syria(2 players) the stats screen after my victory showed "Syria(2) on Medium(3 Players)". Not sure if this was due to my saving and then loading of the game or not.
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