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  1. I am the copyright holder of original works I post in the Wildfire Games 0 A.D. Art Development forum. I hereby release all original works I uploaded to this forum in the past, and those I will upload in the future, under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
  2. THAT call has been made a lot of times in different threads all around the forum. Most are debated, but almost every one of them have been ignored at the end. Discussions are good though. We can always dream about them.
  3. @wowgetoffyourcellphone - bro, you got baited into the discussion again! @Prodigal Son - I think focusing on your mod's ideas would, for me, be the best course of action. Don't expect those ideas to transfer to the base game, since a lot of threads proposing changes to the core game have been presented, deliberated, and dismissed.
  4. @wowgetoffyourcellphone - and no offense taken. I guess I'm really naive to think that in 0 AD core team, it will work. In the Council of Modders, we do have something like that, and so far, our decisions are made by the majority (or majority of those who are active).
  5. @Lion.Kanzen - Amen brother. @Sundiata - It's not that hard for me to do - being a lurker again - since I was that even before the Indiegogo campaign. I love the vision of 0 AD - thus, that donator badge right there. I was only hoping 0 AD's leadership would be more open to "joining forces" like Lion said.
  6. @elexis, @Grugnas - sorry if there is a misunderstanding of what I posted earlier. What I was saying was only a reply on @Sundiata's vision. What I said, if you can re-read, is that THAT is the FUTURE. That vision is not important - it may in all probability not happen; meeting with each other is I believe more important as of this stage. I proposed a meeting of like-minded individuals, modders and the core team alike, to discuss what the game would rather look as of the present. Mods have given us glimpses, the community has given suggestions both outrageous and not. I was hoping for you guys to maybe consider talking to each other and having a discussion, with the end result of a clear game design to be followed by all. Sorry if by trying to propose that same thing, you'd rather push me to create my own mod. That is not my intention, and I am far from qualified to make something technical. I guess back to being a lurker then, me useless inconsiderate, good for nothing wolf.
  7. @Grugnas - unfortunately, numbers can only get you far, game play wise. I am with @Sundiata - most of the players downloading 0 AD do so wanting to play a single player game (since we still don't have campaigns). I believe that the split into offline & online mode would be similar to this: treat online mode as a simplistic RTS geared to competitive game play, while have the offline mode as historical and realistic as a game can be. Like @Sundiata eloquently said, we want to manage cities, build empires and give rise to mighty civilizations! Taken to the extreme, one day, I hope that the offline mode can be a mix of city management games (albeit simplified), and RTS. But that's in the future, my friends. This discussion, although my pessimistic buddy @Lion.Kanzen would like to believe, is not useless. It only shows how diversified our thoughts are regarding this game. Please, could someone ask the leadership of 0 AD to consider my proposal of gathering like-minded guys, ones who can really help, in at least initiating a discussion of a clear cut design document? any chance please? @niektb, @feneur, @Itms, @elexis, @LordGood
  8. @Sundiata - you nailed it! Personally, I only play single player (not much of an online guy). I believe separating online from offline game is doable, and will hopefully solve game play issues. I find some changes in the main game leans heavily on feedback from online play. Even discussions in the forum reflect such. While the charms of single player cannot be discounted. I daresay most of the downloaders of 0 AD are single player enthusiasts. @av93 & @Hannibal_Barca - I opened up the mercenary camp example as a "decision-making" guide, wherein I proposed constructive discussions between all you hardworking people, with the final decision to be accepted by the majority of the stakeholders. I hope 0 AD's leadership will take this proposal seriously (and I know I'm not the first who suggested this). We are losing valuable manpower because of misunderstandings which, in hindsight, is avoidable.
  9. @Hannibal_Barca - different visions, yes, but on basic and/or important grounds, I really believe that all of the stakeholders would agree to adopt something that would make things moving forward a little bit clearer. Like, in the context of these discussions, how many people in the core team and the modders - in a group of say 10 hardworking, reliable people that know what they are doing and are talking about, how many would like to adopt mercenary camps? If 8 out of 10 say yes, we do need them, then surely, the remaining 2 would understand that the majority wins and that decision carries in the main game. This does not preclude however, the right of the minority to make their own mods to leave out the mercenary camps. What I'm trying to say is, all you guys who make things possible, could try meet and agree on things so that would be the basis of subsequent changes. With a clearer line for the main game, the modders/ contributors out there could in theory, help out with what needs to be done.
  10. Although a UN Security Council resolution can still be vetoed by the Security Council by the permanent members, so extending that analogy, the core team can reverse whatever they have resolved in the first place. Which is either good or bad, depending on what is being talked to. I agree on a lot of points raised by distinguished members here. 0 AD's strength is it's continuing development, but it is also it's greatest weakness, especially if there is no one taking a clear, decisive lead. While we address how community members act and react on how the core team treats them, could we agree that this is the best time to have a focus group, involving active members and modders, and re-evaluate what are the things that the game needs? Preferably a design document that everyone interested on it could focus to achieve? I'm not that active, having a family and a career and juggling between them is rather tedious (as all of you who have both knows), but if we want to push forward, I really hope someone from the Core team could extend the hand and modders take that hand. Let's try to make this work. Maybe invite everyone who is interested and can help. Release official documents that will be the guide for the team working on it. If there exists such document, then make it prominent over all the forums, so that it will not be buried to oblivion.
  11. here - meaning you are in the correct thread.
  12. You are a human general in charge of training the cannon fodder that holds the line while the Superheroes fight the monsters. You will be in charge of evacuating civilians. You are also in charge of reconstruction work (buildings and such) while the Superheroes eat shawarma and relax. You are the real hero Earth deserves, but not the one it needs right now. (Okay, wrong universe). The real hero everybody totally ignores, because, well, you are not superpowered. An RTS in MCU based on ordinary generals and city mayors and ordinary civilians living under a very traumatic environment. That is how I propose it.
  13. Still working, far from finished yet, but all planned out for the Invasion of Africa
  14. Although wrong forum @Ilya_rimade_, I would want to see that mod of yours, in case you do make it. I, with some other players/ supporters of 0 AD, believe that an RTS-city manager hybrid can work. So yeah, you can post on say, Game - Modification forum to make it the right forum.
  15. Hi @ray_ark ! Welcome, welcome! I believe you are really on a good track, if ever you go ahead and have TW elements with EE's game play. For me, that is a reason to buy a mobile game! There is definitely a need for RTS gaming in mobile, not Clash of Clans rip-off!
  16. Please let A23 be named after him like what @sphyrth suggested, and that @Lion.Kanzen's suggestion be implemented too
  17. @Skhorn - definitely a great idea! I second @Lion.Kanzen, would love to have the maps playable. Let me see them once done, and allow me to make edits, and maybe, just maybe, we can make it playable!
  18. @Sundiata - definitely dig the idea. I have also this thought of combining RTS and city-building, so that single player would really be realistic, while multiplayer would have the trimmed down, simple and quick version of the game.
  19. I already saw this in Youtube a while back, but thanks for the link, I didn't know they have a Kickstarter campaign! Will surely back before the campaign ends.
  20. Mine is late, around 2002 I think, in an internet cafe in our local village, while researching for a test. The internet speed is really slow, so while waiting, I played the game for the first time. But what a game. It introduced me to historical RTS (I have already played Command and Conquer and Red Alert series). And ever since, I'm hooked! Then, Empire Earth happened, and as they say, everything is history.
  21. Guys, just to make it clear - I mistakenly deleted the post by @stanislas69 instead of quoting it. Really sorry. I'm trying to be funny and not rude. NSFW is Not Safe For Work, and the *spread-eagled logo with the mountains by @sphyrth made me think of another instance of being *spread-eagled* which is a nightly staple of a married guy like me (hint: the opposite of us men). @Lion.Kanzen. To be very very obvious, just in case of any misunderstanding. Back to topic: Last I heard we really would like to have Terra Magna released with the next Alpha version. @balduin
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