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  1. Hey everyone, I've been looking at different game engines and other formats as an outlet for my art. 0 A.D. is among them, and although I knew about it, Hyrule Conquest brought its capabilities to my attention. When I consider what IP's (that I have interest in) would be well suited to the genre while offering a new experience to their respective franchises, two come to mind: Square (Enix) Similar to what is done in Dissidia and Kingdom Hearts, it'd be a mashup of different Final Fantasy and other games in the Squaresoft/Square Enix library. It would be released in a DLC-esque format by game, for instance: Release 1 - FFVIII factions (SeeD, Galbadia, and Esthar) Dark Souls This would require a lot of lore reconstruction (which I'm up to) and feature the different factions of the series before they decayed. Since a lot more conceptual work would go into this, it'd be released a faction at a time (after the initial two) for instance: Release 1 - Astora and Heide, Release 2 - Volgen. Both would feature incredibly strong (relative to current standards) and prevalent gaia units. I realize the tone and art style would be pretty disparate between the two, which is part of what makes it such an interesting choice for me personally. Anyway the question is, who's more likely to send me a CnD? From or Square? I picked these two not only because I'm passionate about them, but also because neither have anything even remotely close to an RTS in their libraries and are unlikely to ever include one. I believe this makes a CnD less likely. Where does your interest lie? This may not effect my decision, but I'm interested in your opinion. Also, an FYI, I have a solid grasp of 3D work. Although I'll need to learn animation techniques and whatever scripting I'll need. I wanted to ask though, what texture types are supported? That info wasn't included in the modding guide. Normal, specular, displacement, occlusion? What about things like PBR? How is alpha/partial alpha handled? As an end note: please don't suggest an original IP or one I haven't listed. I'm developing a couple of original IP's of my own, but I'm saving those for a time when I feel like my work is on a professional level worth paying for. Thanks for you time.
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