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Alpha17 Name Discussion.


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I'd like to support the proposition "Alpha XVII Quercus" for several reasons.

1) Well, it's a word beginning by Q and I really think we've covered up the wide majority of possibilities. Latin is, as said before, the only language with Qs so we're kinda stuck. Nobody proposed Quirinus, a really important Roman god, but I don't see a reason with we'd choose that.

Now for the serious thoughts :P

2) I like the image of stability and maturity of this tree. A17 will be essentially a bugfix release, so I think that fits pretty well.

You will say: "wut? a bugfix release? there were a ton of new features!", so what I mean is that we don't have a central huge feature (like internationalization for a16). I don't say there is nothing new in a17, all the contrary.
On the other hand, since a16 release, the modding activity has been increasing dramatically ;) and for this reason the mod selector will be realeased in a17. So, I think mods are important. Thus...

3) ... I also like the image of the tree with a trunk which grows and allows branches to develop. I find it really interesting to compare that to the development of our game, which now allows an active community of modders to make the gamers' experience even richer.

Would you agree with me about all this?

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(just thought i'd re-say this)

Quinquennis - Of five years / Five years old

Is also a Safe bet.

Five years of 0ad.

We just had a (poorly attended) Mapping contest to Celebrate it :yes3:

Five year anniversaries only really happen once.

Expanding the modability of the engine can happen every day of the week.

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During the last meeting we also agreed this idea was good.

IMO there are not many differences between the two ideas: they both focus on the development state (it's been 5 years / we're mature and we have mods) and not on the gameplay, which is logical because of the lack of one big feature.

To me Quercus just sounds prettier, but obviously not everyone will agree, it's a personal feeling.

And I'd disagree about "Expanding the modability of the engine can happen every day of the week", the mod selector is one huge change in the process of separating pyrogenesis from 0ad.

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Why not the fourteenth then ? In french that ´s quatorze so something like quadradecis ?

I would say the year has got quite a small relation to 0 A.D. or this release. If it would have been the only release this year maybe, or the fourteenth release, but imho not in this case.

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