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0 A.D. on YouTube


Message added by maroder,

0 A.D. has it's own YouTube gaming topic!


If you just want to watch some videos about 0 A.D. you can subscribe to that page.

If you create videos featuring 0 A.D. and you want them to show up on that page, be sure to:

include "0 A.D Empires Ascendant" in the title or the description or the tags and choose the correct game in the Gaming category of your video details. (Yes, the spelling does presumably matter) 

See these links for help on how to do it: Edit video settingsHow does my video show up on that page

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You had mod something I think. 

One day I hope when I become proficient and for the love of the game I can also make my own 0ad YouTube video. 

Like this one, on DoM. Bear with me and tbh I’m not snorting something. A Filipino voice hahah. 


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But seriously I have so many 0ad interesting saved games that I want to post in YouTube but idk how. I’m using OBS. But I will try to find out. 

Somehow these saved games don’t lag when you replay it. 

Also I hope there are mechanics from DoM gameplay that might interest the devs. 

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Here are some comparisons:

You should compare your current narration video with my first one. I had no editors that time, and it took me several takes to get it the way I wanted it. And I still ended up being to shy to speak.

What I use is simplescreenrecorder to record the video, and my phone for recording the audio. Make Audacity get rid of some noise. And finally use OpenShot to sync them together. It's a hassle, really. In the recording department, I don't have the patience setting up OBS. The fact that you have it means you have already the superior setup.

Here are my tips based on experience:

  1. Keep recording, and keep talking.
    Experience is important. This is the best way I got that "shyness" away. Also, it helped set my mentality from "You're talking to a computer" to "You're talking to people on the internet."
  2. Watch your own videos, observe where you think you're lacking in and improve on it.
    This one's difficult on my part as I didn't like hearing my own voice. If I didn't want to watch my own video, who would? But at least you have yourself as your greatest critic.
  3. Have a Model Youtuber and Watch His/Her early Videos.
    I like resonance22channel's style. I wanted to be like him. But watching his newest videos wouldn't help me a lot. His first videos are still way better than mine, but I did see how far he's gotten because of them. The same case can be made for ZeroEmpires.
  4. Comments Section
    This one I can't help you much. But I hope you get some form of encouragement / critiques in the comments section. I don't know if it's true to the other Youtubers, but getting feedback from people is encouraging for me. So I hope you'll get some too.
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I think the key is don’t be shy and just keep talking as you said and gain more confidence. 

I found 1 0ad saved game which I already posted in the game replays and I will use it. When I replayed it back it feels so good listening to the music while watching. 

I think lots of 0ad players especially the pros can be of big help by doing YouTube of their very interesting game. 

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Even without proficiency on making video, I will keep practicing to share my pc games. 

This one despite some erroneous narrations I just went through posting it. Bear with newbiness on video making  

This was my last multiplayer game in 0ad. And I already posted this replay before. Just some sort of advertising the game. 

I think my friend bbgotbanned played really bad on this game and keep on teasing his best friend Pudim. 

Instead of booming he could have doubled with landlord to neutralize chrtgr and game over. Making another CC to border push might not be a good idea on this case. 

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Oh thanks for liking, and I was thinking of getting back some touch of 0ad. I forgot lots of it already when I tried to play it today and kind of    becoming a rookie again. 

Probably I will do some videos when A24 comes out. This is the only way to contribute to this beautiful game. 

Btw I will ask permission from the modders if I can do video of them. DE, 0abc, mil AD and the rest. As I try to regain my touch I will concentrate on the single player first then probably the multiplayer later if I become competitive. I’m not sure if I still have some old replays that I can make videos. I knew I had a DE game which I built a very decent settlement. And a 0abc too. 

I’m not after monetary reasons to do this. Just for the love of gaming. 

I have sufficient time to do this but my gaming is divided between 0ad and DoM. 

Common players, there are more capable video makers here in the community. No need of those paid advertisers! In fact I’m really bad on pc thing but my setup now is just enough to at least do it. 

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If you want my comment about your video: If that's a "Rookie Commentary", then I have a long way to go. You don't have asmr problems like me.

I'm struck about the phrase: "When A24 Comes Out". You made it sound like it'll come soon - something that I wasn't expecting. Is it really close to a feature freeze?

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Np @sphyrth. Any comments are welcome. It will improve me. I’m quite disoriented with 0ad but I was just amazed with the quality of 0ad graphics and the music, and tbh a lot of features that’s why I just can’t leave 0ad easily and totally.

Im not concentrating yet on very nice looking video but rather on helping to expose this game.  In fact I posted it in DoM community forum. 

If I did not become a good 0ad player, I think I’m leading on the DoM as I’m the only one who can get past the most difficult modded DoM. Ofc because I am the highest number of hours played at more than 1.4k hours. You know I’m a crazy gamer.

Though as in 0ad, DoM modders are also depending on what the devs have to offer. So I’m helping a couple of modders test their games before they finalize and make it public. 

If 0ad needs some testers on Mac, I’m just around the corner but I can’t go back to svn right now.

@Angen I won’t forget your mod too. Ofc borg’s one also as it gives some more flavor to the vanilla.


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4 hours ago, Feldfeld said:

It would with an improved build order, but not against >2000 (or except maybe if opponent has archer civ)

I personnaly don't mind that a strategy wouldn't allow me to win over a >2000 player, I still don't know any strat that could do the trick xd

I mostly see fanatics used in multiplayer games to kill trade or even steal the cc of player with a relatively low rating.

Thanks for both the video and the complementary replay, they might both help in promoting more diversity in the gameplay.


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5 hours ago, azayrahmad said:

If you use Spotify, it's available here. Honestly it's the music that made me fall in love with 0 A.D, before graphics and mods.

I can say the same about AoE2. I think all games I really liked and remember have killer soundtracks. My favorite in 0AD is "Eastern Dreams".

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