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  1. Sweet guys looks awesome cant wait fo Alpha 16, can play with SVN but i wait and want to explore all the new stuff in Alpha 16. but wants with the slow update,s those weekends if it goes like this alpha 16 is ready in 3 months
  2. Well i hope you find someone soon,I like the progress go faster then how its going now. Maybe some more advertising would help.
  3. Well passive cooling is not te best choice your card will get extreme hot , So i hope you got some good cooling in your pc.
  4. I think they sould only have 2/3 men in the towers, And when 0.A.D got visible men on the towers it looks a bit wierd when there are more men then 5 on the towers and walls.
  5. Yes save your money for a better card, if you buy a card like that its likt trowing money away
  6. I hope it some day is possible without the lag
  7. There is a new driver 334,89 just so you know. yesterday released.
  8. This game is already in the make for years so why sould it not come very far? maybe progress is slow but there is progress.+ look how the game looks mutch better then any AOE
  9. Maybe its time too rewright the AI and get better AI and finally better preformance.
  10. You begun october with painting i hope this time it wont take that long if yes then its better too let somebody else work on it or it will take again months.
  11. Yes looks really good maybe you can make some maps for 0.A.D with historical looking terrain
  12. I dont know ho made that map but the mountains looks bad the top of the mountains need too get a other texture sand/grass and it dont need to be all rock texture around
  13. There was a game with the same idea and i liked it. only dont know what game it was
  14. Whats wrong with the textures? and the wooden planks dont fit the structure if you ask me i sould try something different.
  15. I believe they are already working to get a more different look to the barbarion factions
  16. Yes and different civs you maybe want too put the cart on different locations of the fields so it dont look like clones and maybe for some fields a small walls wooden/stone. And for the lemon trees maybe not on a field but the player can place them separate on the map.
  17. AI can be scripted you know or there can be a trigger or somthing added on the CC so they cant plant in that trigger.
  18. i think that would nice yes and other type of farming fields different types for different civs like a apple field yes. And for the Infinite farming maybe you can let you women re seed after a while but the field wont disappear it only cost you too buy seeds or something like that
  19. A laptops you can add more ram and a bigger hard drive yes but thats it. and if you put money in a laptop and your videocard or cpu dies you wasted alot of money and pc is always cheaper too maintain.
  20. Love too see some mining ingame different type of mines for different civs. More building types for same purpose building so they connnect or need to place close near each other.
  21. @stanislas69 why dont you first finish your other projects and then try this again. and maybe you sould not take so many projects at ones.
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