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  1. Not sure if anyone was really wondering, but I ended up buying the GT630 card I mentioned in February. It is fanless which I was stubborn enough to insist on despite all the warnings. I am using it with NVidia proprietary drivers in Xubuntu 13.10. I am not sure how to measure its performance with any precision but at least it allows me to enable all the visual effects in 0AD and the gameplay does feel quite smooth (except for the well known lag that occurs when there are many units active in the game, I believe it is unrelated to GPU performance). Of course it also works with other 3D/OpenGL b
  2. Niektb: Thank you. So, the cheapest solution is out of the window. Of course I expected that already. If your GT 610 card functions well, that would be an interesting option. However the GT 640 card you mention has a fan, which is something I was really hoping to avoid. How about something "in between", based on Nvidia GT 630: GT630-SL-2GD3-L
  3. Hello everyone, This is not about the game itself but rather about the hardware on which to play it. I am looking to buy a videocard, because the builtin video of my new motherboard and CPU is a rather pitiful affair. It is only supported under Linux (Xubuntu) with an open source driver that does not provide adequate 3D acceleration. It lets me play 0AD only with all the effects under "Settings" disabled, and that just does not look very inspiring to me. So I was wondering if anyone here has been playing 0AD with this card: Asus EN210 SILENT/DI/1GD3/V2(LP) I like the fact that it is cheap and
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