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  1. Or delete the middle stripe so you got 4 color stripes ? or is that not possible
  2. Nice but is it not better looking with the player colors on both ends and not in the middle
  3. Dont look cartoony too me. looks really good if i may say so myself
  4. Same here i like the style and the colors cant wait too play with/against them.
  5. Great sounds this is going too be awesome. are those sounds planned for alpha 15 or 16?
  6. And what about a mercenary camp for some factions that you can build. too hire some type of troops that your nation dont have.
  7. 1# More type of Elephants (bows/spears). 2#Gold mines. 3#Firepot ships. 4#Men on walls. So lets say you got every section of a wall that can be carrisonend by 5 men and towers 2/3 men.
  8. maybe only add a big dust effect when the building collapse in too rubble so you dont see the rubble come up but get a more realistic way
  9. Ok that is a shame. what tools do you guys use for animations? so you cant add a new animations for some units without lossing the others
  10. Hi i just greated a account for this forum but i have a Question/Sugestion. Is it not more realistic to destroy buildings with torches and archers use fire arrows so buildings go in flammes and then colleps in too rubble? and maybe a big dust cloud so it looks more realistic. Gr RoekeloosNL
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