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  1. Slaves for the hard working types like mining and wood works and maybe some type of defensive spikes, Womans for the fields and house buildings, Military units for defensive buildings and military buildings.
  2. ^^ Sticks and stones aren't to destroy buildings Siege Engines are needed for that. And i believe thats also how 0.A.D is designed. You need Artillery Onagers to attack a City. Sure there still is alot of room for finding the right balance.
  3. Here you can check it for you self. http://trac.wildfiregames.com/roadmap
  4. LoL You want to stop adding high needed assets. This is a alpha version in a alpha there are things that need to be added to finish civ,s and maps models you name it it all need to be tested. Over time it gets tweaked and balanced, You cant just stop adding content if you do you cant test it and balance it + its takes longer to get 0.A.D out of Alpha and in to Beta.
  5. 0.A.D is still in Alpha stages so that means there still is alot of room for balancing and tweaking and i agree with the towers they need some more balancing and for sure that will be done someday.
  6. Buildable defences like: Spike-traps, Fire-pits, spike-walls to build infront your walls. I Think that adds another nice way off startegy to the game and building on special roadcrossings to harras the other player would be so mutch fun . A better way of showing the building tabs, like adding different tabs: CC-Buildings, Farm-buildings, Military-Buildings, Defence-Buildings ect ect.. (Or only a different tab for all defensive/military Buildings). So its not all showed in one menu. + Resolution options.
  7. He properly saw 0.A.D on indiegogo and thats why he made a account here to promote a game that got nothing more then concepts art. No thx i dont like those type of promotions and wont support it.
  8. Totally forgot to post so here it goes. Im from The Netherlands (Holland) im 29 and love 0.A.D soon i have my 2nd screen and start making maps/levels for 0.A.D. My name :RoekeloosNL means that im reckless
  9. Well if you buyed a PC by us and we build it for you we put a warranty sticker on it and if you break your warranty sticker because you build in a SSD then you lost your warranty (And that is with most shops) So its better to buy your parts and build it yourself. And thats also how it works with Acer, Intel, and all the other companies + some companies like HP/DELL you cant always use different components. But after 2/3 years your warranty is over and you can chance what you want.
  10. you mean give your allied bot commands i must say that can work.
  11. I think its more important to help on the main game then mods since the game is far from finished.
  12. Looks really good Nantchev, i wish you the best of luck with 0.A.D Hope to see some nice Animations/Models from you.
  13. Yeah sure. Please stop this discussion.. create you own thread if you want to discuss about resources.
  14. Build your own PC. cheapest way to get all the best parts. OS: Windows 7 64bit Ulitimate / Processor: AMD FX-8350 Black Edition Eight-Core 4.00Ghz Motherboard: GA-990FXA-UD5 / Memory: 16GB DDR3 1333Mhz / GPU: Nvidea GTX 780 ti 3GB ^This is my system and it runs all games great but i dont know how mutch money you have to build a pc.
  15. I cant see how more resources is a bad thing.... I think its good for a strategy game the more the better if its getting to hard for some they maybe better play some arcade game Acewild: I see many new RTS gamers leave because there is far to many elements in RTS games. LOL then there not real RTS Players.
  16. Congratz with the first release guys. Hope to see more in the future.
  17. You can upload a hot-fixed version of Alpha 16 with some bug fixes.
  18. I love the new formations in Alpha 16 but i think formations like falanx or testudo need to walk slower when they are set in formation. Ohw and please make it that people need to make a acount before placing tickets so you can ban those spammers with no life.
  19. I dont know but is there are roman siege Gallery ingame, If not then i think it would be a great tool to hide your men under it when attacking a walled city. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_siege_engines
  20. Its on all maps and all scenarios when i turn it on its all black. And i have the latest patch 335.23 there is a new beta patch but i did not install that one.
  21. I see, keep up the great work guys...
  22. I got Alpha 16 and i see there are more graphics options so i turn them all on and start a game and then i only see the green health bars and red when i click on units. So i turn them all off restart and i see that Post Processing is not working and makes my game all black. And when i turn on Show Sky ingame it crashes the game. Hope it helps. cant make screenshots wont let me My System ------------------------------------------------------ OS: Windows 7 64bit Ulitimate / Processor: AMD FX-8350 Black Edition Eight-Core 4.00Ghz Motherboard: GA-990FXA-UD5 / Memory: 16GB DDR3 1333Mhz / GPU: Nvidea GTX 780 ti 3GB
  23. So Alpha 16 is online but no announcement, And i keep checking the timeline what says there still 4 active tickets lol
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