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Found 3 results

  1. In 2010-2012 I played Age Of Mythology on an out-dated machine and I managed to get good at playing the different factions. I am familiar with RTS but I suck at 0 AD. I installed the game (not from source this time) and I managed to advance into the 2nd age, then I was gathering resources and building more stuff when I was attacked, which stalled my progress to the point that I decided to quit. What is the best way to defend? Should I prioritise the blacksmith upgrades, guard towers or should I build a specific mixture of infantry? Different games have different rules. In Command & Conquer 3 buildings cost a lot of money, so it pays to only build one war factory. 8-bit Armies is different, because each additional motorpool (war factory) gives you a 1x bonus, so you can stack the bonus and get 4x unit production. 8-bit Armies relies on unit spam. CnC 3 relies on slow base expansion and units are strongly biased: being anti-infantry or anti-tank ... you cannot mob enemy units because of the strict balance, unit spam is awful in CnC 3 and doesn't work very well. I'm not sure where I'd rank 0 AD on these things.
  2. Hello, the name is mute. I am currently planning a few mods and one thing came to mind I want to add a few new resources Reasons Water Minerals/stones Cloth Special Minerals Former CoM, but still looking to be helped by them Finaly the water as been added, even if only a beta stage
  3. Hello, the game "Sins of a Solar Empire" supports granular difficulty settings: Besides difficulty level (easy, normal, hard...) it supports the AI behavior for each difficulty level: Aggressor, Fortifier, Reseacher, Economist, Random In 0 A.D. it could be: Aggressor: rush the enemy with 20 units or less groups, build siege weapons, constantly rushing the enemy, build few towers and no walls. Fortifier: build up towers and walls, then train a large army and then rushing the enemy Economist: harvest many resources, before rushing the enemy, build scant military building, no towers, no walls Random: self-explanatory thanks Raymond
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