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  1. is there not a japanse mod in works.
  2. I like it thats all i have to say.. Keep up the good work.
  3. Some units sould be able to hide in a forest so you can lay ambushes like the barbarians and maybe some spy units with greater line of sight.
  4. really nice but a bench is made in a workshop why dont you guys make it like http://www.gamespot.com/caesar-iv/ so you have a extra menu too choice from what you build like gardens, roads, trees, walls, bench. so you place your bench/garden without building. it only cost money..
  5. Maybe a radius needs to be added to walls so you cant built 2/3 walls near each other.
  6. Sweet but can you guys make some nice 0.A.D Signature / Banner. cant find any...
  7. Maybe you can make some campaign maps or missions for a grande campaign.
  8. I know what you mean i also love to see some naval support for the AI and all the other that keeps getting post-poned but yeah maybe we get some new programmers soon that will help make this game rise even more!...
  9. I hope Campaigns are planned very soon, Maybe add it like act 1, act 2, act 3, With every new release a new act or a updated act. And i think it will welcome more players to 0.A.D.
  10. This guy :sigvyairm1 keeps spamming Please remove him or hack his IP
  11. i hope for a update for 0.A.D anytime soon. [edited]
  12. I hope you guys dont use wikipedia for research alone, Maybe somethings are true but you cant base your research on wiki only.
  13. Really nice only the back legs can get some more work.
  14. Any chance for a ballista or scorpion on some ship decks?
  15. I think its a great idea yes, the more the better to build and destroy
  16. Sweet, are you guys also going to make arty ships
  17. This is 0 A.D not BC. but you can always mod
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