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  1. Do i understand it that in A18 the units or some are using the new meshes/animations? or only in atlas?
  2. Well when you want to make a point about something its always nice to have some evidence to support it and the devs already have alot of work and not always the time to look for the problems and always need the help from the players. Mostly Devs dont even play the game as mutch as the players so don't have the time to test everything.
  3. I would love to see a PUSH Animation for siege engines, But i dont understand that " to mutch micro" comments. I mean common when you build a siege engine it would deploy with engineer units already connected to the object. And yes when they are killed you need to men it again but so what you got a army with you "Sending only a catupult is just dump"D" And it would add another layer of realism and gamplay. You can add a total different play style to the game with a simple feature like that and new tactics to commit when encountering siege engines / or use. And that for the little more micro sometimes "only if the units are killed" i dont see the problem its a game about micro-managing and the new layers of gameplay it can add i only see the good but others always see the bad if it would add a little more management for units Stuff like that sould be added even if it would only be for visuals.
  4. Shame that LAVS is disappeared because the new battle sounds he made where awesome and would gave a mutch better and realistic feel to battles.
  5. Yeah would love the see more advanced shipping!, And what about the Ship sinking refinement patch when will that be added? http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/2461
  6. Nice new feature but are all units able to capture i hope not. It sould be a special option for only some units so that it wont be a game about who capture,s the most and the fastest. Maybe for some units after the first or second town phase so that its not in the begin of the match about capturing buildings.. And the units that have the ability to capture sould have different upgrades for the capture ability.
  7. Well if they are hit by a catapult ball then they sould be dead nobody will surive that, SPLAS BLOOD that would work for a unit hit buy a catapult And for special units maybe there could be some type of "throw a unit off balance" animation as long as it not over the top its a game based on history not fantasy. And units trow of walls when a wall collapse would be possible and realistic.
  8. Looks normal to me. Why would there be info you cant build in unexplored terrain if it was a bug.
  9. Naval really needs to get the mutch needed updates to make sea battles fun and there for the game more fun. Really miss a good realistic naval system that adds more immersion to the game.... Would be so awesome to ramm a ship and see it break in 2/3 parts and if it got a garrison units they fall in the water to drown , or a ship that is set on fire by artillery or fire-arrows. I really think its time to update the naval system and effects and balance.
  10. They could make it that you have different temple,s with different worship options. And the temple,s have a aura radius with everything build in that radius get the bonuses. So you build temple,s for food near farms and for war near barracks and so on.
  11. What? Because there is blood you dont play? But a blood FX toggle would be nice for people that dont like it "and maybe for low-end pc,s performance wise" But for people that want it as realistic as possible there sould be more effects like blood on the shields when they fought a battle, And different blood pools.
  12. SInce 0.A.D is trying to be as realistic and historical as possible while keep the gameplay fun i think units sould be more uniek. - Units sould not be able to destroy stone buildings "But some units can have torches that can be trown to wooden buildings/defences" But is a slow process. - Battery rams sould not be able to kill units only buildings, With health , armor , damage upgrades. - Towers sould have upgrades for different arrow types like: fire , armour piercing types "and when selecting the defence tower you can choice what arrow type you want" - Gates sould have some defence upgrades like: boiling oil , iron gate. So you can defend your gate house from rams. - Scorpions sould do no to very little damage to buildings with normal arrows but when selecting fire arrows it those fire damage to wooden buildings. just a few things with many more of those type of changes and units with special roles and well belanced for all factions with there own style and then i think it will be the best strategy game ever!
  13. Sure not stupid but in reallity the females of that period didn't chopped wood for hours "Its a men,s job" And i still think it sould be that way ingame too female,s sould only do farming, food gattering, herding, And men sould have the harder jobs like mining, wood cutting etc etc and some jobs sould be combined so different units gets different functions. But anyhow all i meant to say about those videos is that females of 0.A.D sould not be chopping wood like its there profession because its not, They aren't trained wood cutters they are just simple farmers/peasants and that's how they should be depicted ingame. Thats my view of it anyway..
  14. Ok finally got the time to change my password that was needed because of the website account hackers some time ago... But oke not important what is important are your animations great work so far!. But the videos from lion are good for motion reference but you also need to think that those womans are training for chopping wood and basically the womans in 0.A.D are just simple peasants "farmers" no way they chop trees like those female,s and keep in mind they know technics that those simple farmers did not even heard of. - Stand, I think is way to idle and can use some differens like turning her head or scraching her head etc etc. Well the other animations looks good and i believe you will make them perfect.
  15. I seen a patch is added in development that add the resources to the player when the units are killed. I dont like that if you attack there farmfields or other resources they still get there food so they can make more units. the point is you attack there income so they cant use it... its realistic and a tactic. -When killed resources like berries/Wood/fish sould fall on the ground so it later can be taken by the player or enemy.
  16. Now i see the high ress screenshot i really dont like the roof it looks really wierd and dont fit the style if you ask me.
  17. Why would the curved roof would be inside? The architectuur didn't think when it rains the whole inner court would be flooded:D And i think it also looks nicer and realisticer if it curved to the outside. Or make the roof look like the inner buildings roof "same style" that would be even better.
  18. Thats proberly because there nothing special to play with that faction now. Its mostly copy of other factions and no unique building style or units yet.
  19. Is your laptop is overheating with more games? if so then i would say buy a extra cooling tablet.
  20. I think a bonus is great but please not that your ships fire rocks when you put catapults on them. There you got artillery ships for...
  21. Sweet guys this going to add so mutch more the the game.
  22. Oke so i was watching some old AOE and was thinking 0.A.D needs a gametype like this. You start with a King/Emperor/Warlord (A special person that lived around the same time) He got maybe some special abillties and you must defend him all the time. And try to kill the enemys King. I hope 0.A.D will add something like this someday. What do you guys say any suggestions?
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