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  1. Architecture depends on how early or late into the Seleucid Empire you guys want for Seleucids. I didn't read into much of the Seleucids, but I imagine they had a very similar system to the Ptolemaics.
  2. Okay, well come back to it when you do have time to do programming and attempt to start it. I would like to see long range combat too. For example, infantry with standard assault rifles can shoot the distance from the bottom of your screen to the top, artillery can shell other players from across the map, and etcetera. Cover, line of fire, and line of sight should be a big factor. It would more appealing than watching 200-300 guys in a formation or blob shoot at each other from a couple of meters away.
  3. Cool idea, can you do it? I would like to see a good cover system along with a combat system that rewards coordinated strategic and tactical play over mass quantity and quality of troops. Check out Lambda Wars, a half-life 2 RTS game to know what I mean.
  4. Then to make up for the necessity of micro-management of siege weapons, make the siege weapons powerful enough to require the need of attention and slow the movement speed of units to allow players to micro-manage things in time.
  5. You can always include an auto-garrison button for ground units to occupy siege units as well as assign a key function on the keyboard for it.
  6. I guess.. If you take a look at some medieval sieges, and even the historical record of Julius Caesar siege of Alesia, people build their own fortification around the city or castle they want to invade. It can be a castle versus castle fight. Invaders would build wooden towers or ramps to place archers or catapults to fire into the besieged fortification and I believe that is what the Assyrians were doing.
  7. Yeah, I knew you would appreciate it man.
  8. Can always try to see how well it would work to occupy siege units in order to use them. That and I would like to scale the siege units larger.
  9. The Assyrian Battle Scenes The King in battle upon his chariot Assyrian soldiers besieging a city I think. Logistics people to the left Assyrian soldiers attacking from the right and they would build fortifications of their own to combat with the enemy like any proper siege combat would have. The spearmen in formation. I took a close shot to show the smaller details. Cavalry prisoners of war if I can remember. I took the picture because I have no idea what is on the prisoner's backs. Its hard to spot the detail in the picture, but these guys are wearing footgear, and do have a good amo
  10. I returned back from a trip to England about two weeks ago. I was visiting the British Museum when I thought of the 0 A.D. peeps. Here is what I took of the Assyrian exhibit: I thought the body armour was interesting. The lamellar has a weird shape to it. I would not consider these guys to represent the military. This was part of the scene of the King's lion hunt. They were probably some kind of guard or extras participating in the lion hunt. I took a picture of this scene so you don't confuse them with the actual battle scenes. I forgot what the horses were for, but the workers to the far l
  11. Movies and video games are art because they display an image that trigger the emotions of the conceived. Art back then was used as propaganda to convince people to believe that something appears as a real factor or to describe a real situation. I know people do not question artwork describing the past, so I feel it is necessary to create in art what people should think of when they see a roman soldier or a viking warrior for example.
  12. I would like to see a comparison in-game picture.
  13. You need to understand the usage of the weapons, armour, tactics, and situation. For example, one of the Roman pilum's purpose is to burden and break shields; therefore, it would also mean its suitable to use against other infantry. People don't hack at each other until someone breaks, fighting is more of a thinking and speed situation with timing and endurance as constant factors. Kinetic energy alone should not be what decides the counters.
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