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  1. All .rpm files I've tried using require dependecies that aren't available. Is this a bug with the repos? Can someone help me with the whole repos issue?
  2. Thank you for your interest, but the main reason I posted this is because, I only have a concept. I don't even have any professional skills, although I'm hoping to become a source-code developer. I might be able to accustom myself to the engine and even write some code over the summer, if I don't get a part-time job, but right now all I can offer are ideas.
  3. Preface: I'm posting this information because I decided that I needed to share this idea with a group that might turn it into a reality, and 0 A.D.'s engine seems like a good place to start. My Idea: A real-time strategy game with a post-apocalyptic setting. To my knowledge nobody has ever done this before and I've already fleshed out many the details in my head. The Dynamic Campaign: I intend for this game to feature, primarily, a strategic bi-level compaign that splits into two parts, like the Ardennes campaign in Company of Heroes 2 or Galactic Conquest from Star Wars Battlefront 2. It will involve building a new civilization, or faction, starting out as a small band of scroungers and growing into a massive nation with a powerful army as you fight for dominance of the strategic map. Strategic Game: On the strategic, turn-based level you will be able to relocate and manage your faction. Each area on the strategic map you control gives you resources and assets, which will be vital to ensuring the growth of your army. Of course, you won't be the only faction vying for control of the strategic map, and many areas will be controlled by other factions. This is where you switch to the tactical game. Tactical Game: This will be the traditional RTS style of game. This will be in the style of a pure-combat RTS such as Blitzkrieg. I'm still making some decisions about the mechanics here, but I mainly take inspiration from Company of Heroes 2 for this part since I understand it well. Winning the tactical game gives you control over the area and all of the assets it provides. Assets: Assets are unique resources that work similary to production buildings and technologies in Age of Empires. While resources will allow you to field your army, assets will give you access to new and more powerful units. Placement is mostly random, but the most powerful assets will usually be the furthest from the faction starting points. Art Direction: As this is a post-apocalyptic game, or at least a game in which civilization is being re-built, my desired art direction combines both the destitute nature of a world lacking in modern infrastructure or powerful governments, and yet shows a good deal of the modernity of the (in-game) past. I expect a whole mix of styles in this game, while they all maintain a fairly realistic look. to be continued...
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