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  1. All .rpm files I've tried using require dependecies that aren't available. Is this a bug with the repos? Can someone help me with the whole repos issue?
  2. Thank you for your interest, but the main reason I posted this is because, I only have a concept. I don't even have any professional skills, although I'm hoping to become a source-code developer. I might be able to accustom myself to the engine and even write some code over the summer, if I don't get a part-time job, but right now all I can offer are ideas.
  3. Preface: I'm posting this information because I decided that I needed to share this idea with a group that might turn it into a reality, and 0 A.D.'s engine seems like a good place to start. My Idea: A real-time strategy game with a post-apocalyptic setting. To my knowledge nobody has ever done this before and I've already fleshed out many the details in my head. The Dynamic Campaign: I intend for this game to feature, primarily, a strategic bi-level compaign that splits into two parts, like the Ardennes campaign in Company of Heroes 2 or Galactic Conquest from Star Wars Battlefront 2.
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