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  1. But that's a hard counter – the developers said that they are in favour for soft counters. Btw. it shouldn't be that much work. Add two parameters and include them in the damage formula. If the developers like the idea, we can start talking about the how. (If not, we can stop discussion here.)
  2. I think you misunderstood me. I didn't meant to talk about introducing units with stealth abilities.
  3. Currently before the release of a new version of 0ad players are asked for balancing. After the last two releases I had the impression that perhaps there were not sufficient time for the test players to do a real good balancing, perhaps also under the pressure of the next release. In my opinion – at least as long as this game is in alpha stage – it would beneficial to be able to do balancing all the time, as done for example by the game http://zero-k.info/. A possible variant is: Every time you log in into the lobby the game search if there is a more recent version for unit stats (only unit st
  4. Introduction Currently we have three types of damage Pierce: done mainly by archers, spearmen, skirmishers, … Hack: done mainly by swordsmen Crush: done mainly by siege units, such as catapults, battering rams, … That leads to some problems when designing the counter-unit-relation. For example we want (generally spoken) swordsmen to effective against skirmishers, skirmishers to be effective against bowman and bowman to be effective against swordsmen. Because skirmishers and bowmen do the same damage (pierce) giving swordsmen a good armour against skirmishers will also improve them equally agai
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