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@Genava55, I really enjoyed watching Keralis play and listening to his commentaries in ep.01 and 02. Surprisingly entertaining. I was thinking about posting it myself... Just saw that ep.03 is out, so I'm watching that tonight :P . The game looks really interesting. I like the slower pace. Like a more organic stone age banished. Lovely details. Lovely amount of depth. It would be a bit much for 0AD, but I don't think we should be shy to take some inspiration from it nonetheless. I like the naturally replenishing wildlife, and natural population growth combined with new arrivals. Seasonal farming. Options... The tech tree was nice too, and the minimalistic UI is nice. Pretty graphics as well. Needs a mini-map though. 

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6 minutes ago, stanislas69 said:

Looks good, reminds me of company of heroes :)

yeah, inspired by company of heroes style of RTS ...

more mech oriented and the world is not real, enviroment is based on 1920+ art , Scyth (board game, desined based on same)

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8 hours ago, stanislas69 said:

I wish we had grass like that tho.

Apparently, new unity version (2018 last release) is so much better than the previous one (As per IH developers comment)

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