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1 hour ago, coworotel said:

I don't know if you guys heard of this project called openage, but it is interesting to see that in their desired feature list there are many things that are in 0 A.D. and some that are planned for it.


New Unit: monk ship on water to convert ships


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On 6/21/2019 at 12:43 PM, coworotel said:

I don't know if you guys heard of this project called openage, but it is interesting to see that in their desired feature list there are many things that are in 0 A.D. and some that are planned for it.


I don't understand.


openage uses the original game assets (such as sounds and graphics), but (for obvious reasons) doesn't ship them. To play, you require an original AoE II : TC installation or AoE II: HD (installation via Wine or Steam-Linux).

So, basically are they just porting AOEIIHD over to Linux or what?

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On 7/17/2019 at 12:41 AM, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

I don't understand.

So, basically are they just porting AOEIIHD over to Linux or what?

They are adding new features.

  • Dynamic change of weather, seasons, day and night. Influence on terrain & line of sight (LOS). could be influenced by players with monk/myth unit.
  • Wooden buildings and other flammable material can be lit, fire spreads around your city. fire departments (new building) to extinguish fires or villagers need to put out a fire of with water from a well (new building).
  • Wild animals can steal food from your farms and food resources:
Wolves form pack and act together, wander the map, circle around towns, get hungry and seek food (deer, villagers, wild boar, bear, etc.).        
GAIA G5 Renewable resources such as trees and animals that repopulate. Forest regeneration or seeding.        
GAIA G6 Buildings in later ages cost stone with possibility of deep mining stone. villagers can dig/mine natural resources.        
GAIA G7 Better fauna (Tapir, Tiger, ...). Improved animal colours        
GAIA AI GI1 Fish migrate and replenish.        
GAIA AI GI2 Mercenaries could be hired on behalf of the player        
Gameplay GM1 Roads on commonly traveled areas allow faster travel. Pathfinding would let the units stay on the road. Appearance and quality depends on traffic (matted grass, dirt path, etc.). Neutral to all players. Turns soft/regular terrains into roads, requires stone, does not work on irregular terrains; grants movement speed to all allied units + passive vision (like a foundation spots units walking over them).        
Gameplay GM2 Bridges for connections between islands. Blocks ships, allows land units to walk on. Terraforming. Wooden and stone bridges with different hp.        
Gameplay GM3 Canals: creates empty, shallow and navigatable water.        
Gameplay GM4 Single units can hide/bunk in the forest, only visible to a certain type of unit. Garrison function with no symbol, you can lose your units if you don't remember them.        
Gameplay GM5 New Unit: spies (can burn down your city), lame your production        
Gameplay GM6 New Unit: monk ship on water to convert ships        
Gameplay GM7 New Unit: transport waggon on land to slowly transport ships over land        
Gameplay GM8 Villagers need sleep at night, die at work (New Building: Caffeine industry)        
Gameplay GM9 GAIA and terrain interaction, e.g. flock of bird rises up from tree when tree is felled or many people approach, hearable sound indicator, players hear and see birds when someone comes to their woodline at home. Triggered rocks falling of cliffs.        
Gameplay GM10 Relics have special abilities (AOM), bonuses for attack and range. Generated randomly. Maybe also rolling relics with ranged attributes to bring into battle.        
Gameplay GM11 Bring Kings/Queens into battle for special abilities within some tiles radius.        
Gameplay GM12 Building produces in loop (AOM) as long as resources and pop space are available. Useful for unit prudction and farms in mill. Indicator over buildings or somewhere in the GUI for loop production. Toggle reseeding on/off.        
Gameplay GM13 Mills can produce sheep, cows, turkeys        
Gameplay GM14 "Conversion is enabled by researching Faith. Before, monks can only carry relics and heal units.        
Gameplay GM15 Buildings can be deconstructed to recover materials, slower than destroying. Leave a salvage pile behind. Salvage diminishes over time. Salvage can be collected by villagers at a higher rate than other resources.        
Gameplay GM16 Buildings can be captured when damaged to 20% or less. Player who repairs over 20% owns the building. New units can be produced out of this captured building from 50% on.        
Gameplay GM17 Attack/defense bonuses for some unit formations. Dependent on minimum amount of units in this formation. New marching formation with speed bonus but defense malus. Cavalry flanking.        
Gameplay GM18 Researches only affect newly produced units. Old ones need to be manually upgraded/retrained at production building.        
Gameplay GM19 Scale wonder cost to max pop, number of players and available resources.        
Gameplay GM20 A new 5th "free trade" age where allies share resources and give each other massive battles.        
Gameplay GM21 New unit: Lance Cavalry, run over units in defending formations        
Gameplay GM22 Researches can be globally and locally applied. e.g. upgrade just units garrisoned in the barracks for less research cost; e.g. you need 3 pikemen for the battle now, but you don't want to produce them in the future in masses (see GM18)        
Gameplay GM23 Units can level up by gaining experience doing what they normally do, fighting in battle against their counter unit will give more XP against that unit style. Villagers chopping a Forest Nothing map might be a real pro at chopping trees at the end of the game e.g. one experienced villager could be as productive as three unexperienced villagers in the end of the game.        
Gameplay GM24 Queue for technology researches.        
Gameplay GM25 Farms cannot be placed on desert ground.        
Gameplay GM26 Improved water battles.        
Gameplay GM27 Percentage based armor system similar to AoEO and AoM. Will need to rebalance whole gameplay.        
Gameplay GM28 Entirely rebalance milita line. Main gold unit similar to knights/archers. Instead of a counter unit currently.        
Gameplay GM29 Nerf the range on towers early and make them scale much better into the late game.        
Gameplay GM30 Unit queuing doesn't block resources. Resources are taken in account, when the unit is actually starting to be produced.        
Gameplay GM31 Make denying upgrades more easy, like in SC2. Often players will destroy buildings to cancel an upgrade in progress and gain the upgrade advantage. Maybe in a special mod with less hp for buildings.        
Gameplay GM32 Possibility to put archers/ranged units on a wall/castle to get elevation bonus.        
Gameplay GM33 Quickwalling: first XX% (variable percentage) of a foundation is walkable, setting for e.g. tournaments        
Gameplay GM34 Mesoamerican civilizations (already the most novel civs in the game) may have a unique tech tree. Possibility for a unique tech tree in API.        
Gameplay GM35 Controlled forest fires: Allows the player (technology researched at the university in the castle age) to destroy forests to create more space; this goes much faster/efficient than chopping, but obviously at the expense of the lumber and generates regular terrain.        
Gameplay GM36 Give siege rams an upgrade that prevents unit production while it's attacking a building. (5-second debuff that refreshes each attack).        
Gameplay GM37 Bigger maps, map sizes between giant and ludicrous        
Gameplay GM38 Foundation: turns regular terrain into solid terrain, requires stone, turns irregular terrain into regular terrain.        
Gameplay GM39 Different terrain types, take a look into gameplay.md for more explanations        
Gameplay GM40 Be able to temporarily toggle the map to remove terrain and show building footprints for walling without gaps.        
Gameplay GM41 Make rams push units away        
Gameplay GM42 Raise the amount of ressources that can be sold with hotkeys at the market (forest nothing)        
Gameplay GM43 A special flag that raises on a building that is researching a technology, much like the garrison flag. (see GR10)



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