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It remains to be seen. There are many more military activities needed for the game to be immersive. If they DLC with tribal or faction wars and could even progress to medieval ages then it could become awesome.

 Like I said single player mode is the state of the game. What is important is a very lively base and unit activities compared to others. Weapons and resources need to be acquired, climate changes, unit behaviors etc are really fun. I hope the houses can have more variants. I bought banished but it’s too much all sim city.  Small raids is just fine at least similar to tropico. 

I just bought it for $21 on 15% discount coz today is the first launch and can’t wait to go home and try, hoping it really runs on Mac OS.



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On 3/1/2019 at 9:08 AM, (-_-) said:

Empire Earth was ahead of it’s time. I still play it occasionally.

0 AD still has a long way to go. And performance is just one of the obstacles.

yes because Goodman who Lead the Studio. dev of many classics and co-designer of AoE. he was very open mind in RTS.



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For now DoM has only raiders. Though I also like the game to have tribal wars but raiders in hardcore mode is really hard. Your settlement will be littered with towers that may not look good and realistic at all. You can eventually beautify your settlement when you reach the Iron Age and when you established their attack zones. There is a flaw on tower mechanics since the raiders can destroy it using arrows and spears despite having steel structures. At least towers don’t fire projectiles but only those range units garrisoned.

The raiders are kind of invincible with full health, nutrition, hydration, stamina, and morale at all times as well as all are adults compared to your aging defenders. And if you face them head to head you will lose lots of your units that takes a long time to replace. When your population increases their numbers increase too. Somehow they attack during blizzards when your people are hampered by the bad weather while them are not.

Neolithics which is under development by a single person seems to be awesome with warfare! But it may take awhile but hoping to be released if not this year maybe next year.

Ancient Cities imo have better mechanics than DoM with more realistic game mechanics and already got some funding from donors (more than 100k pounds?!). But I haven’t seen their walls yet:mellow:. 0ad Romans have the best wall so far for me. 


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17 minutes ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

What do you like about it? 

You can make testudo, archer can fire arrows with flames and burn many things like grass where units are hidden, you can make ambush from grass, explorer can uses their pet to give you some extra info. (dog can spy enemy, falcon can cover a big area).

units can use ladders, battalions with formation. auxiliary infantry can make siege weapons, walkable walls and bridges.

the towers are neutrals if aren't current units garrisoned inside.


the cons were the simple not civil economy. and few factions (3). 2 of them mix of several cultures.

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