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  1. The Basque language is a lot older than the 19th century... so maybe the 19th century is when some form of standardization happened, which is not uncommon for European languages. So, that the modern language has been standardized is not a valid argument - so has Catalan, and this argument would equally disqualify it as a choice. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basque_language#History_and_classification Of course, the language to be used would have to be a historical version of Basque, rather than the modern one. The same would go for Catalan - which would then have to be something very close to Latin... prior to be taken over by the Romans, people would not have spoken a Latin dialect at all.
  2. GunChleoc

    Sweet Sci-Fi/Space battles [Spoilers]

    YouTube versions not the best quality, but one of the best fan movies ever... Battle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsnu43bjPLg Full movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4bka9Y2gJ0
  3. I think you should stick to the first naming convention in all cases - somebody might come along in the future and add a second variant, and then you'd have to rename death_horse_1_3.ogg to death_horse1_1_3. We should also consider death_horse_1_1_3.ogg as a convention - it adds 1 more character to the filename, but I think the number would be easier to see. Great to see somebody working on sounds!
  4. GunChleoc

    Gameplay features A24

    This is what the building menu looks like in Widelands - please feel free to steal Yellow numbers are Owned/Under Construction. Bottom numbers are productivity for economy buildings and stationed soldiers for military buildings.
  5. GunChleoc

    "Not implemented" error with campaign button

    I have searched Transifex for [, and these are the current uses for tags: Whole manual segments that have a font tag at the beginning only, and no closing tag Some in-line headers that are separated by dashes in the manual Warnings in map descriptions Icons on the splash screen Maybe this can be resolved by parsing [font, [color and [img rather than just [? I any case, I think the tags should be removed from entries like: [font="sans-bold-16"]Graphics settings
  6. GunChleoc

    ===[TASK]=== Celtic Unit Textures

    As to hair colors, having read, blonde and brown is accurate. You could also add really dark brown to the mix - there was a whole lot of migration and intermingling going on, and lots of Celts in Scotland have dark brown hair nowadays.
  7. GunChleoc

    "Not implemented" error with campaign button

    Well, I consider tags to be code, because they can break things - so, they should only be there if they are really needed. Do we really need to let translators change the font size and things like that in 0 AD? Agreed, this has to be checked at runtime.
  8. GunChleoc

    Overlapping text

    Would it be OK for the translation to remove the "La partida" bit as a workaround? This would make the string fit into one row.
  9. GunChleoc

    "Not implemented" error with campaign button

    \[ isn't something commonly checked for, so we can't use existing tools - a least not was far as I am aware of. The way we handle this in Widelands is that we send all strings through a "richtext-escape" function that will replace those elements that would cause crashes with appropriate entities. Since you are using square brackets for font instructions in translatable text, you'll need to write some regex to automatically replace these. The superior solution would be to redesign the strings in such a way that all code is removed from the translatable strings, then you wouldn't need to escape [ in the source strings at all and could handle it by a simple string replace. Handing code to translators is always fragile and should be restricted to placeholders, which translators are used to, and which can also be checked by tools.
  10. GunChleoc

    Introduction (Recording and languages opportunity)

    @TenLeftFingers My best guess is that a string might have been marked as reviewed, and that the new translator doesn't have reviewer powers.
  11. Thank you for all your research. It has been a joy to follow this thread
  12. GunChleoc

    Untranslatable Strings

    How do you pull and push your updates? Maybe you could call tx push -s rather than relying on them pulling the changes.
  13. GunChleoc

    Untranslatable Strings

    The description for the Kush civilization is missing too. I just thought I hadn't translated it yet, but it's not on Transifex either. See screenshot in the linked topic
  14. I know dynamic layout is hard... text might have a vertical scrollbar too, to keep the rest of the layout where it is? Scrollbars should be the easiest solution here I think. Definitely for A24, I expect that you have more important bugs to fix.
  15. The tutorial texts were split up to have less of a wall of text for translations. This now has he side effect of blank spaces missing between the sentences. Hard-coding a blank space here would also be problematic, because some languages like Chinese don't use them. So, I recommend having a function "join_sentences" that contains a translatable string pgettext("sentence separator", "%1 %2"), like this.