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  1. Yep, sounds like lag caused by the pathfinder. Welcome to the forum
  2. I usually use grep to find things if I can't use an IDE. I recommend that you look around for a good IDE though, they make navigating code bases so much easier. For C++, I use QTCreator. It's an IDE that doesn't use much system resources. It has become quite unstable for me with the upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 though, so you might try another IDE instead if you should have the same problem on your machine. I don't know any IDEs for JavaScript. As a general editor, I like Geany.
  3. Well, my Linux hardware is a lot older than my Window hardware. I once compiled a small project on Windows on the command line, which took me 15-20 minutes. Same project on Linux took about 5 minutes to compile I do like my Windows, but I don't use it for development much.
  4. We have a forum for balance testing, in case that's the sort of testing that you like to do:
  5. You will definitely have an easier time with compiling & running 0AD on a Linux machine.
  6. I can compile 0AD on a crappy old Duocore under Linux, so your new laptop is definitely fast enough to do some programming
  7. Just pick a resource random and when you're in the translation interface, click on the resource's name to select "All Resources". You can then search all the files
  8. Since we're still looking for a wonder, how about The "Palace of the Lady of Vix"? Or maybe a Necropolis?
  9. This is a long-term project, so you can return whenever you find some time again If you can only conribute once in a while, Map and civilization descriptions or the little quotes in the game loading screen would be a good place to go, since terminology consisctency isn't so important there. Hebrew currently has 1 coordinator and 6 translators.
  10. Yes. Implementing support for Hebrew, Arabic and Devanagari scripts isn't trivial. Arabic is the most complicated one though as far as I know, because of the way that the characters are connected to each other. I don't know how the 0AD engine handles this though, and what has already been implemented.
  11. Exactly. Transifex also has a glossary function and context and comment tabs. GPL-compatible Hebrew fonts: Also, Hebrew will need BiDi support - do we already have this?
  12. I think programming is great fun, it's a mix of structures, logic and creativity. And when you do string design, it has a linguistic element too, or when you do graphics, an artistic one. Check out this interesting lady:
  13. At the moment, you can't build a wall if there are trees or bushes (basically, any object that takes up space) in the way. We have already discussed whether it would make sense to automatically destroy trees that are in the way of building a wall, but nobody has written the code for it yet.
  14. Buildings and units have separate .po files for translation, you could create an English to Spanish table by looking at the Spanish translation.
  15. Welcome to the forum