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  1. Of course, it depends on the info provided by the display driver/OS.
  2. I'm against removing the swastika, but maybe we should make the dots more prominent so people will notice that it's the Hindu symbol.
  3. Maybe we could have some official Transifex projects for them too, to be vetted/run by the council of modders?
  4. Another topic on the subject with some ideas in it:
  5. É o IP do computador que serve como hospedeiro/servidor.
  6. Transifex managed to fix the bug where translators couldn't change strings offline. So, you can now all go back to translating as usual
  7. No, not really. @Gallaecio implemented the i18n for 0A.D. One would need to create separate PO file(s) for the mod and load the textdomain(s) accordingly - no idea if the engine supports that.
  8. How about letting the user convert a wall to a turret it it's missing?
  9. There is a difference between being able to play the game and being able to play it well. Unless you do a lot of balancing/gameplay design etc, it doesn't matter it the sandbox AI pwns you as long as you understand how everything works
  10. *dangles carrot in front of drphill's nose* Come on, you know you want to
  11. There is a special category in Trac for tickets that can be tackled by new developers
  12. If you wish to donate, maybe you have a skill that you can donate instead of money? Like helping with gameplay design or with translations, or even with programming.
  13. For the engine, the file is: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\0 A.D. alpha\binaries\data\l10n\<locale>.engine.po For everything else: Go to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\0 A.D. alpha\binaries\data\mods\public Unzip Replace the files in the l10n subfolder Zip the file back up with the changed files in it