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  1. There is a difference between being able to play the game and being able to play it well. Unless you do a lot of balancing/gameplay design etc, it doesn't matter it the sandbox AI pwns you as long as you understand how everything works
  2. *dangles carrot in front of drphill's nose* Come on, you know you want to
  3. There is a special category in Trac for tickets that can be tackled by new developers
  4. If you wish to donate, maybe you have a skill that you can donate instead of money? Like helping with gameplay design or with translations, or even with programming.
  5. For the engine, the file is: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\0 A.D. alpha\binaries\data\l10n\<locale>.engine.po For everything else: Go to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\0 A.D. alpha\binaries\data\mods\public Unzip Replace the files in the l10n subfolder Zip the file back up with the changed files in it
  6. You can still help with research
  7. How far along are you with reordering the characters in the code? Reordering the characters is easy, the ligatures are what makes it complicated. The harfbuzz library would probably be the smartest way to go. We ship our own at Widelands, feel free to take - it's GPL v2+. How do you do your font rendering? SDL_ttf can handle the kerning just fine. I'd be interested in helping, but it might be a few months until I find the time - I have my fingers in too many pies.
  8. Selling resources at market or having taxes would be an option Trading with yourself not so much - having 2 markets right next to each other would be a bit weird. There are maps where there is no space to build a second civ center.
  9. One possible hole: Imagine a small 4 player map with hardly any neutral territory, and everybody being enemies. So, nobody will trade. How do you get silver? There could be some treasures on the map, but whoever misses the early rush for those, will not be able to train campions 2 phases later. Could that be fixed with having some treasure in the starting territory / some starting silver?
  10. This is the modern interpretation of the word "barbarian" - for the Ancient Greeks, it simply meant peoples who spoke a language other than Greek, so it all sounded like "barbarbar" to them. I recently read an interesting book about Celtic astronomy: From his research, it is likely that one of the reasons that Caesar conquered Gaul so quickly was that there was already a good road network in place for is legions to march on. And Caesar's writing can be assumed to be war propaganda and needs to be read with a grain of salt.
  11. @Wesley Wait a bit after typing the @, then slowly add letters. If you don't get a little menu to select a username from, it's not working. Keep typing until the name appears in the menu, then click on it.
  12. Now that the bug has been confirmed, maybe also post an announcement on the Transifex project? Translators might not even be aware of losing their work. One does not always test immediately, so I was lucky that I caught it pretty quick.
  13. Transifex have found the bug I asked them to get back to me when they have fixed it.
  14. A uniform speed should also make it easier to move armies without the soldieres obstructing each other due to the differences in speed.