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  1. Unit And Building Names

    You didn't read my post carefully: Well, for the Greek translation ... We should not change the source strings.
  2. Unit And Building Names

    Well, for the Greek translation, it would make sense to replace the transliterated Latin-script versions with the original Greek alphabet versions
  3. Titlescreen background

    Looks like a good start I'd lose the cross though, it doesn't fit the time frame. Maybe borrow from a Pictish stone instead?
  4. SoundFX : Missing Sounds

    From what I've read on other threads, mono is preferred so that the engine can do some stereo positioning according to where on the map things are happening.
  5. ===[COMMITTED]=== Update Camel Units

    Maybe decorate the leather straps for team color?
  6. Thanks for pushing the issue <starts watching the project again>
  7. catapult stats

    Is the manual automatically generated from the actual xml? If not, it can go outdated very quickly and wouldn't be a good base for such a program. Maybe you can use the Python script as a base to generate a value table?
  8. Gaulish Specific Names in Welsh/Gaelic?

    I'm no historical linguist, so I don't know any Gaulish or Brythonic (Old Welsh or Breton). It would be preferable though to use Gaulish for the Gauls and Brythonic for the Bretons
  9. I'd be in favor of "Maximum Population" for A and "Population Limit" or "Population Capacity" for the B. I am against "pop cap" as an official term, because it's an abbreviation. Thanks for building a style guide, that's a great idea! Official terms could also be added to the Transifex glossary with a note explaining what they should be used for.
  10. ===[COMMITTED]=== Zebu Rigging

    Maybe bend the legs too as it falls?
  11. Potentially Offensive Visual Content

    Exactly - from the link above: "The prohibition is not tied to the symbol itself but to its use in a context suggestive of association with outlawed organizations" Since the game takes place about 2000 years, before those outlawed organizations were founded, I'd say we're in the clear...
  12. Chronicles of cyberpunk [Release]

    Considering how complex programming is, probably not. But there is always hope
  13. Chronicles of cyberpunk [Release]

    Good luck with the release! I found a common typo on that screen: its -> it's. it's means "it is", its means "belonging to it". If in doubt, imaging what you would use with she: she's vs. hers.
  14. Localization of the game 0 AD

    You can use "Download for translation", then the file will be locked for a while - I think 48 hours or so. Once you upload your file again, it will unlock the template as well. So, do your day's work on a chosen template, then upload it again. Meanwhile, the rest of the translation team can continue working on the other templates. Make sure to coordinate with the team on terminology! The glossary function can help you there. Is there a reference dictionary available in your language that includes computing terms? Since you seem to be techy, you might profit from some offline glossary tools that I created for another FLOSS game - the checks can handle inflected languages with a bit of extra glossary work: Glossary Checks that are less stupid than the usual cringeworthy QA tools Use poterminology to fill target language in glossary For the second tool, you won't be able to upload the result to Transifex unless you have superpowers over there.
  15. Problems With Translating Into Greek

    https://www.transifex.com/wildfire-games/0ad/translate/#gd/$/112546517?issue=yes You will have to replace the gd in the link with a locale that you have access to, or close the server loading error message, then pick your locale.