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  1. Having the e-mail address in is actually part of the Gettext PO file concept from back in the day where people were collaborating by e-mail only. Yes, that's how old the format is!
  2. GunChleoc

    I would like to learn about the game !!

    From what you have written, I'm assuming that you know the basic constructs of programming, like variable declaration and assignment, data types, conditional statements and loops. If you don't, read up on those concepts. The 2 main programming languages used in 0AD are C++ and JavaScript. JavaScript is easier to learn, so maybe you should start with that one and use tutorials to build small web programs. Once you are comfortable with the language maybe there are some easier tickets you can pick up here to start contributing. C++ is harder - find a good tutorial/course and do the exercises.
  3. GunChleoc

    struggling to play 1 v 1 against my son.

    If you're playing Wondiws against Linux, you should also make sure that hey are both on the same network (in a common setup, the first 3 blocks of numbers in your IP addresses need to be identical, and the last block different from each other)
  4. GunChleoc

    Portraits for Heroes

    Maybe heroes could have some sort of Tyrian purple halo behind them? This would keep the uniform signal to the player that it's a hero, while leaving more freedom for designing the hero's appearance.
  5. GunChleoc

    Bulgarian translation now 100% done

    Congratulations on getting this to 100%! Since the others aren't around a lot any more, feel free to make the terminology consistent and pick the best terms yourself - maybe message the 1 remaining contributor first, so you can coordinate your work.
  6. GunChleoc

    [Translation] Weird building names

    For the native names I just copy source to target and that's it. Of course, I have it easier, because my language uses the Latin alphabet.
  7. You were not quite good enough yet when you first started posting, but your talent was very obvious to me, and your diligence had you improving very fast! I guess we should have told you that more often.
  8. Fair Use is a concept of US American copyright law and does not apply in other countries, unless they have such a law too.
  9. GunChleoc


    And this is the portraits thread:
  10. GunChleoc

    Translation of command

    I don't know, I guess you'll just have to test this. I'm not on the programming team here.
  11. GunChleoc

    Units' Exclamations

    See also
  12. GunChleoc

    Unit And Building Names

    I expect that the name is transliterated rather than translated, so it's the original Latin represented by Cyrillic letters.
  13. GunChleoc

    Translation of command

    The /say has to remain at the start of the string. That's a standard taken from IRC which puts commands at the start of a post only.
  14. GunChleoc

    Misc simulation - translation

    I think that was done on purpose to make the AI sound less mechanical.