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  1. I cannot find in which section on transfix is p´╗┐ublic-gui-other its frustrating Ok, found and fixed ( just sk files )
  2. Changes: Fix order qeuing: Rotation moved to Shift + R Fixed attack synchronisation and missing building animation for soldiers Fixed briton dog and tooltip error Hovering over building which selected unit can be garrisoned in, shows garrisoning as first option. All defense towers, fortresses, temples, civ centres, colonies and wonders should be capturable by soldiers now. (may some another buildings but I am not sure which) @Imperator Ferrum Princeps I As I looked into current code, garrisoning is bound with action key = ctrl, so I do not know what you meant it does not work traditional way.
  3. @gameboy could you tell us to which action is key, you tried to use, bonded?
  4. @Imperator Ferrum Princeps I I planned yesterday but multicoring and testing my thesis took more time I expected so about today till evening.
  5. @Gurken Khan does it happen when pauses in windowed mode? or fullscreen with postprocessing disabled? Edit: sadly cannot reproduce anyway
  6. Right, towers and fortresses should definitly be capturable by soldiers.
  7. @Imperator Ferrum Princeps I thnx, should be fixed
  8. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths
  9. oh, crap. I might to forgot coppy some files from main game. Could you post interestinglog ?
  10. @Imperator Ferrum Princeps I, yeah, formations are not working great right now another thing I can think is cavalry charge and wall fights. If you (or anyone} find anything else what makes you feel it is buggy please let me know. Because I definitely need to get another perspective. And yeah, I could probably messed up range unit synchronisation. I am going to split loose and reload animations in the future. And please be aware enable JUST THIS ONE MODE. Its really heavily moded. I overwrote almost everything.
  11. github repository https://github.com/SlavomirSlovenkai/0ad-gameplay-mode
  12. I think it is because of way it is done on input processing. If unit cannot perform attack command, next type of command is taken into account e. g. walk to point if attack is not forced command by key shortcuts. ( maybe move command applies anyway, do not know way of restrictions) So order processed by unitai is probably order.walktopoint instead order.attack.That way even checks in order. attack cannot help.
  13. As @(-_-) mentioned above, replays contain only set of commands, that are executed. They do not contain the state of the game when they have been created. Replay manager assume every replay starts from the scratch. That means from new game.
  14. If they flagged game as early access and required payment for it on the start, changing to f2p now would not be so bad as it is now.
  15. Hi, @Gurken Khan. Short answer is no. Unit will not survive in replay if did not survived in game. Taken and recieved damage will be exactly the same and AI deceisions too. Since game is not saved / loaded during playing all is exactly the same. Even events based on random values will get the same result, as random seed value is the same for game and its replay.
  16. Iam a not profesional in animation but I tried some myself in blender and worked prety good. if your animated model is turned upside down you can use non weight bones and assign vertexes to the groups named exactly as your bones and tweak it slowly. Yes weight bones are fast if you know how to properly set them, I used them as start and then removed or added vertexes from or into vertex group where was needed.Sometimes I had to split some areas to more for better animation result.
  17. @juniorlovegroove you choose your name and server port default 20595. Your son has 3 fields when joining: 1st is his name: it is clear what should he type here 2nd is server hostname or ip: here he has to type LOCAL IP adress of your computer which is something like 192.168.1.xx. On windows open cmd and type ipconfig, on linux i think it is ifconfig or ip. As you are in the same network, do not use public ip, which you probably get from some webpage telling you your ip. 3th is server port, this is actually your port you typed in which is on default 20595. (be sure you both have allowed comunication on this port, on lobby is used STUN to overcome firewall) Have a nice day
  18. Hi, just select palisade segment and there is icon to upgrade it into the gate. But it can be done just for long segment of palisade.
  19. Hello and welcome to the forum. In game are 3 main types of damage (talking just about vanila, no mods activated) pierce, hack and crush. The same types are for armour. Every unit deals different types of damages. For example, swordsman has high hack damage. Pikeman, spearman, archer has high pierce damage, catapults and slingers, believe elephants too have high crush damage. Acording to damage types mentioned above, every unit and building has 3 types of armour. pierce crush and hack. When you select an unit or building and looks on its stats, you will see that every type of armour is different. These numbers are levels of armour protection ( higher better) but you have behind it how much percent of incoming damage of that type will be ignored. for example, use swordsman against rams because rams have high pierce armour and low hack armour. I think there are some modifiers saying that spearman deals 2xdamage to cavalry. it means every type of dealt damage is multiplied by this number (now 2 for this example). If unit is attacked, first is calculated how much of damage will be actually dealt for every damage type ( based on how many will armour block) it is sumed and the health of unit is degreesed by computed this sumed damage.
  20. Its just problem of displaying garrisoned units. Thats said player with more types of garisoned units cannot see their icon and cannot ungarrison just certain type of unit but still can ungarison them all. Its kind of bug since do not have scrollable left part of gui for icons nor right one. It will happen also if unit can build more buildings as actually can be displayed. So it is some limitation which should be resolved somehow.
  21. Yeah, based on transifex anouncment from Nicolas .... We plan to start packaging in a week, on Wednesday 24th ...
  22. For a23.1 is planed packaging on 24th of October.
  23. Hi @bhiza, could you try to open settings in game, find graphic section and turn off all graphic settings, especially postprocesing and post if it helps? Have a nice day @Lion.Kanzen could you help here ( I think you know spanish, I might be mistaken )?
  24. I dont think so Units are gathering from farms almost everitime so there is always gathering season which means years are running super fast. On the other side tree gathering or animal killing is thing of some hours or one day with traveling. And there is also unit movement. So I do not think we can measure ingame time properly.
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