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  1. Offtopic, but there could be in main page FAQ section about possible solutions for frequent problems.
  2. @stanislas69 did you guys lower walking sound for pega champions? ( the gold ones) it is terribly high thnx
  3. Maybe I am wrong but actually as I remember it does not matter what type of resource it is ( except you have to choose from current ones as display type for minimap) , I mean everything what makes difference for current minimap is color. So setting minimap acording stone resource but changing color should be everything you can now do.
  4. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Phabricator
  5. Hello, current Ai is a bit hard even in easy difficulty, but it should be better in next release.
  6. If you have game downloaded from here https://play0ad.com/download/ this bug should be fixed in new release A23, coming soon. Else I would like to ask you to attach log files. Here are paths, where you find them https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths Have nice day
  7. Hello, I need to ask you which version of the game do you have? release version 22 from download link on the page or svn version? It is most likely but for sure do you have Windows right? Thank you
  8. Should not be hard. Small check in movement branch in unitai
  9. Hello, I believe for formation changes you will not need touch C++ code mostly you would need to change unitAI and Formation what are js. Small hint for formation ( dont have to read) : Some time ago I have tried to deal with formations and I can tell that they works pretty good in standground but as long as they are attacked while Idle. If you really want to make formation fights possible, you should think a about formation movement - there is patch in progress about it but dont know if it solve eveyrthing. Next you have to think about order to attack from player, as currently whole formation attacks one single selected unit if the unit is not in own formation what is fine but if they cannot get to it things are nasty, especially when other enemy single foghting units are blocking the way. So you probably will need to implement stop whole formation on member melee attacked. We have also prepared patch for formation aura but it is for whole formation so no diffrence if unit is fighting or not. But as formations are not working now, formation aura is not implemented in the game.
  10. Hi, first: Too good I am bored. I love this mode so much. But I really need to ask (because me) you if you plan some updates as pegas wall, healers and traders? Maybe new faction or soldiers? Thanks
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