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  1. We have found a solution to the problem, we are using a free vpn. It's a shame that the game is already slowing down, and vpn also worsens the situation.
  2. It is impossible to implement some kind of enemy search system? I understand that the game is not a commercial project. But you want to have a lot of players, the more the game is really good.
  3. Basically, all attempts were made through the lobby.
  4. No, we live in different cities and co and country just play on the Internet. Regarding the terminology, it is better to look on the Internet, so that I do not mislead you. In short, when you do not have a dedicated ip address, you cannot make a full-fledged server out of your computer without a VPN or other small tweaks.
  5. Me and my friends cannot join each other due to udp port error 20595. I found the official manual page. Opened ports, turned off the firewall, antivirus, even tried hamachi, as well as the "STUN" checkbox when creating the server, nothing helps. Probably - this is due to the fact that I have a gray ip address? If so, it is worth mentioning in your official FAQ so that people do not waste time opening ports if it is useless.
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