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    Experimenting with a decal instead a bit like
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    I see the old version of the Jaguar warrior and the Noble Eagle Warrior.
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    Sapa Inca Pachacutec summoning your warriors!
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    I did it almost a year ago but I didn't like the result, my modeling skills were few. I used as a base the textures of units and structures available in your mod. I described this on github.
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    I've found the tupi - enjoy Sorry for the quality, but YouTube has the video-resolution decreased to 1080p (created was in 2160p) - sorry.
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    The current emblems i have(WIP). Inca,Mexica and Toltecs
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    so many buildings ...
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    That's to much , so many units ... I get confused
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    I am sure we all agree that a tournament with less then 50% of games played makes little sense. Also it is unfair for teams that make time, just to see that enemy team did not appear, without even leaving a note in advance. Therefore i open this thread to discussing possibilities for improvement, especially concerning the following topics. If you find yourself unable to formulate constructive criticism that makes at least some amount of sense this is not the thread to do it. Team making: Next time first collect all players and then make balanced teams More fun to play balanced matches -> higher motivation We can make bigger teams so it is more likely at least 2 players have time Disadvantages Complicates process as ppl might not agree with teammates Lower motivation by beeing forced in team with social nub teammates More flexible schedules higher motivation for both teams to find date to play Disadvantages more self organization necessary which did for the most not happen in first tournament Banning Teams that didnt play for some games at all Banning Toxic Players Using Challonge Having Resposible Team Captains (mandatory from beginning)
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    On naked warriors (looking up the Greek original is still somewhere on my to-do list): On chariots (0 A.D.'s Briton chariot is not too bad, though there is room for improvement): Taken from Barry Cunliffe The Ancient Celts : Second Edition (Oxford 2018).
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    I agree with all points here, especially placing more care into teammaking. Is this in reference to previous organizer getting some harass, or were there other instances? It's really annoying to try and help organize the team when they don't commit somewhat, so I'm not sure this helps mitigate a lot. That said, maybe putting some burden on the captain forces him to not want joining a messy team, so who knows? ----- Given the previous experience I'm not sure the community is ready, be it in numbers or player commitment, for a decent TG tournament in a high compromise format. There are also other variables in play, like the unreliability of the current rating system (no TG rating, (in/de)flated 1v1 rating, and consensus rating is hard) and the fact that we have players from too many different timezones. Nevertheless, a low compromise long-running TG tournament would be interesting to see. Just schedule matches on challonge and let it run, put a longer deadline and a reasonable forfeit rule and it may be a first step, bringing some experience and learning which players can be relied on, how to improve scheduling, etc.
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    @Lion.KanzenMe gustaría terminar esta civilización completamente de antemano, tengo muchos proyectos a la mitad y ninguno completado (como la universidad). Me sentiría muy feliz si se agrega al mod Trinketos (hay muchas ideas y texturas adaptadas tanto del Mod precolonial como de Terra magna).
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    where or how can i find the new?
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    Unit textures are a terror to me.
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    How accurate would something similar to Age of Mythology ox cart for a celt merchant? We have cows now so I figure we could use them?
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    I don't see a forgot password option anywhere, which makes sense because your account is not linked to an email, but if I can somehow prove I own the account, could a mod recover my password?
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    Priest created. zomv3_mixdown.ogg zomv2_mixdown.ogg zomv3_mixdown.ogg zomv3_mixdown.ogg zomv2_mixdown.ogg zomv3_mixdown.ogg zomv3_mixdown.ogg
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    Who? When? How?
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    They could be called just Ethiopians or Abyssinians; the Roman civ in the game is called Romans (Instead of res publica). I am not sure about using rock churches for all buildings; might give off the wrong impression and make it look like whole cities were built from rock. My suggestion would be keep rock churches for temple and tower; barracks could be vernacular or in the CC's style. For fortress a similar style as the CC but applied to fortress footprint (Or maybe base it on Gabriel-rufael church, although i have doubts if it was a fortress). Walls could be based on Balduin's suggestion (For gameplay, add simple towers to them like roman siege wall or Zimbabwean wall), i quoted his post bellow for convenience:
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    They're actually still being built today... https://www.addisherald.com/ethiopian-modern-rock-hewan-churches/ Indeed, they did. I only realized this past year. Give me some time and I might be able to scrounge up some more references. Yes, but the Futuh Al Habasi is a period account written by an eye-witness. If Sihab ad-Din Ahmad bin 'Abd al-Qader saw chainmail, there was probably chainmail. Probably not a lot. But apparently enough to equip some elite units.
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    Been looking into addditional heroes for the other two greek factions. Thebes could have Pagondas, Attaginus or maybe even Cassander. For Epirotes it's a bit harder; possible choices would be Antinous (Technically a Molossian since the unified kingdom had been replaced by the Epirote league; last ruler of the region to stand against Rome.) or Aeacides.
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    5 heroes works just fine (1080p resolution). So, we can design 3-5 heroes for every civ.
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    Moroccans during the Marinid Sultanate.
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    Kingdom of Zimbabwe
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    Preclassic Mayans
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    "When they told me to check the bug reports, this is not what I had in mind."
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    And here's the theme tune to that:
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    Norse trading town. Can't wait til AC: Valhalla. Will be copying all their settlements into 0AD
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    ver.280320201820 bug report: 1. Join the room 2. Press "I'm ready" then "Stay ready" 3. Host removes you from slot 4. Only "Ask to Start!" button is available, no way to exit except Alt+F4
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