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Making mauryas's vishkanya aura based unit


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I think given the historical context vishkanya units should be aura based units instead of archers. We already have similar units in Gauls (Trumpeter) which reduces the attacks of units by 10%. For vishkanya's I have smilar suggestion instead of reducing attack, they will reduce health by 1 dps in their range. They will be like anti healers. Following stats can be added for them.

  • Cost: 180 food, 120 metal, pop 1, 24 sec train time
  • Health 100
  • Poison: 1, 10 meters, 1 second

It will be really interesting to do stealth play. Scenario plays

  1. Sneaking vishkanya among working units. Killing them over time.
  2. Combing with melee units for extra damage
  3. Great in playing dedensive as weak units will die under their influence.

@borg-, @rossenburg, @Grapjas , and @alre, what do you guys think?

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27 minutes ago, Sevda said:

I suggest we make them a special unit which only targets enemy heroes and kills the hero unit in 1 hit, by close quarter poison.

I mean units trained only for hero would make them less useful. For starter we should have atleast for hero and champios, with special damage for heros. one hit kill is too op, just more damage will do. Later we can allow them to affect normal unit for stealth play, and special damage to heros and champions. Along with hisotircal trait we shhould also focus on gameplay. 

But again for starter if we are considering this implementation then great. 

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Another Visha Kanya discussion. We still have two different units with that name and neither fits their historical description.

I like @Darkcity's idea of an anti-healer unit; maybe we should use the melee variant for that. It could have a general poison aura and 5x against heroes and champions.

Since we didn't get the camouflage the last seven years, I'm not too optimistic we'll get it within the next seven.

Here's @Yekaterina's previous Visha Kanya thread:


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Or just rename them. The two: Maiden Guard and Poison Maiden (a semi-mythical unit) are conflated only because Maurya already had a ton of Champs. But since we are into differentiation now, we can perhaps officially make them 2 separate units. The Maiden Guard can remain a sword unit that can toggle the bow, and the Poison Maiden can be some kind of suicide assassin unit.

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