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0 A.D. Monthly League


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Hello, 0 A.D. Community I would like to introduce the 0 A.D. monthly league,

The 0 A.D. Monthly league are sets of tournaments hosted every month with games covering all four weeks of the month starting on the first Friday of the month the first one will be on November 5th 

registration here: https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/Rg6tM0bkIO

Matches are Best of 3:

required Mod is: Feldmap

Maps used will be: Balanced Mainland, Oasis, and Corinthian Isthmus 


Mode of Communication: Discord - join the discord server: https://discord.gg/A5gtfWes9F 

Game Settings:

Population Limit: 200

Starting Resources: Low

Mode: Conquest

Spies: Allowed

Treasure - Off

Explored Map: Off

Revealed Map: Off

Cheats: Disabled

Game Speed: Normal (x1)

Ceasefire: None

Spectators: Allowed


Banning Phase:

Both Players can ban 1 Civilizations (Bans affects both player and it can be cancelled off

Further Questions:

should be sent to "Obaky" on Discord



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Hi, I already partecipated in a tournament back in 2018. Because of that tournament, I decided to stop playing 0AD for 2 years. I don't really like the idea because I can't think of 0AD as a competitive game. I play it just for fun, and I think that having a monthly league or tournament (= real skill ranking) would be stressful and could probably lead me to stop playing. it's just a personal thing, you can obv disagree with it :))

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