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  1. If we could just have basic tournament or/and leagues going, that would be already great
  2. Hello, Will this tournament will ever happen ? I signed up, but if we see the last times @DerekO tried, there is little chances. Someone up to help out or organize something ?
  3. Can we have something for a next version for password recovery ?
  4. Hi, I have not read everything... Just one thing is not good for me, before I can make myself an opinion. The sound. I don't feel myself in the game. When fighting, its like nothing happens. I played with the volumes, did not change anything. A mod with sounds of A23 would be great Else, I'm just playing terribly bad, have to learn.
  5. Sometimes, and during the last days, I've had some issues with my wifi, with micro-disconnections... I tried to find different ways to solve it. I desinstalled and reinstaled the driver of my network card, tried to change the position of my antennas... to change some parameters of the card (not allowing windows to cut it off for example x)) It didnt worked. When I had problem this day, I opened my laptop, and tried the connexion from it, and had the same problem as my PC, very bad ping in between being disconnected. But sometimes, I can play for hours without any problems! Any suggestions of what I could do? How I can check the box if its something coming from it and not my computers ? I found this interesting (its in french), but the service is not the same on windows 10. Shoud I try the same with netprofm? http://www.informateque.net/eviter-davoir-des-coupures-de-wifi/ I have windows 10 Pro. Thanks for your help! PS : I know I should get an ethernet connexion, but my living situation doesnt allow it :\ PS2 : Sorry If I dissapear from a game without saying anything....
  6. There could be two seperate ranks ? One for 1v1 and one for TG ? But I also agree TG ranking should use more than win/loss to get established, like the KD; eco and so on... or we need a OP AI to analyze the game ^^
  7. Thanks for commenting this game! Was actually tough to be 2v1 on my side, and supporting a bit the other team. I could have done better. Instead of going to Crypto, should have get down WeirdJokes on my first attack, maybe, not sure.. Anyway, I felt bad loosing with @Boudicaepic performance! GG to team 1. The title could be 3v4
  8. Hi, Few days ago, when I opened the game, a message box told me there was a new version for Fgod. So, I upgraded it. It's the 1.6.22. Since then, I have less informations that I had before in the ally box, and the ressources colors changed to only white. Why ? Do I have to change the settings or something ? EDIT : replying myself. OK, the new one is the 1.6.23. I re-installed it. Why the game said me the old was the new one ?
  9. I guess a platform where people dont have to register is good. But the main thing is to be a good coordinator and have a clean communication. Which has not been made in previous tournament. Meanwhile saying that, I appreciated the effort that have been made into it. Anyway, seeing the answers not coming here, not sure if it's worth the effort! But to know... just do, invite and see what happens.
  10. Nice game :O Very agressive Borg! Should have made P3 and fort near second CC maybe? Or waste of time regarding the agression strategy? Well defended Berhudar, GG.
  11. Yea folks, stop arguing, and start fighting Will be happy to spec that tournament. By the way, attaching a game where DoctorOrgans should have won as a silver player. Lost, but quit without resigning (not cool)
  12. I would say, do-ocracy... go ahead
  13. Last game we got Attacked (very frustrating :() Good luck with everything! commands.txt metadata.json
  14. Have you tried the omelette sandwich?! You spread mustard + tahini. Then, you put you omelette, and add cheese and pickles on the top
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