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  1. Yea folks, stop arguing, and start fighting Will be happy to spec that tournament. By the way, attaching a game where DoctorOrgans should have won as a silver player. Lost, but quit without resigning (not cool)
  2. I would say, do-ocracy... go ahead
  3. Last game we got Attacked (very frustrating :() Good luck with everything! commands.txt metadata.json
  4. Have you tried the omelette sandwich?! You spread mustard + tahini. Then, you put you omelette, and add cheese and pickles on the top
  5. Is there any way to have a discount on AOE II : definitive edition ? Someone have a link to get something in return if i buy?
  6. Hello @user1 Raffut1969 left a game without resigning. My lobby username is Sequani Thanks for your help Cheers commands.txt
  7. There is 2 spots missing no ? Onr group is only two players.
  8. @DerekO, can you remove the picture with my name please ?
  9. 3 matchup until the final! Next game, @Lorenz11 VS @cl2488
  10. Well... I was away; so not today saturday then @Lorenz11 I'm free this evening (GMT+2) from 10pm. Tomorrow from 8pm
  11. I saw the game. Was a quick win, maybe Subotai decided not to try a second time
  12. Nice game against Isam! He won the first one, and I managed to come back and won the last two games. It was nice battles. Who's going to be my next round ? DerekO or Go2die ?
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