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  1. I confirm this error happened to me too. The only thing that seems to be depending on is the day. I list a few things I did, although they did not help to the cause: Closing and re opening the 0ad Disconnecting and re connecting to the WIFI different WIFI networks from different places use (or not) of a VPN. If there's two people, our experience is that: Person A hosts a game, but person B cannot join. Person B hosts a game, but person A cannot join. Usually, the way out of this is that people A & B join another third game (of a hypothetical person C). However, this can also result in problems more often than not.
  2. Hi, I think I might have problems with the schedule between the 2nd and 4th of September. I think I will be able to play on the 5th without problem though.
  3. Could you please inform your real name in the game, please?
  4. I just wanted to add that this idea is very good, particularly when you're in battle and need to pay attention to the micro etc. I propose another idea too: In the market, again, there's this new technology that you can develop (maybe even in town phase) that allows you to set a maximum value of a given resource, and any exceeding amount will be automatically transfer to the ally/allies. With an example might be easier to understand: Imagine I developed this technology and I set that with 2000 of metal is "enough" for me. Then, whenever I have 2001 (or maybe could be done at a step of 100, such as current market maximums. In this case it'd be 2100 instead of 2001) the market sends automatically those extra resources above the maximum threshold to your ally.
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