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Alpha 25 name suggestions

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0 A.D. release names start with the letter of the alphabet that corresponds to the release version. Alpha 22 was Venustas, Alpha 23 was Ken Wood, Alpha 24 was Xšayaṛša, and Alpha 25 will start with a Y !

As with previous releases, we give everyone the opportunity to propose release names.

Let us hear your best proposals! :mail:

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I suggest the Greek hero Ὑάκινθος, mostly transcribed Hyacinth. The important Spartan festival Hyacinthia (Ὑακίνθια) is based upon this mythological persona.

Hyacinth was one of Apollo's lovers. He was tragically killed by Apollo, but "revived" afterwards as a flower. This flower was regarded as the most beautiful flower in Ancient Greek Culture. The concept of decay and renewal (Spring) is linked to this hero and the flower named after him.

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Yoda - Jedi Master

Yoghurt - a food produced from the bacterial fermentation of milk

Yogi - an anthropomorphic cartoon bear. Who liked picnic baskets.

Yellow Bile -  a humor believed in medieval physiology to be secreted by the liver and to cause irascibility

Yellow Fever - an acute viral haemorrhagic disease transmitted by infected mosquitoes.

Yellow Weather Warning - Lowest level of warning for extreme weather conditions, below amber and red. Usually means there will be flooding in parts of Wales.

Yowsers - a slang amalgamation of 'yikes' and 'wowsers!' Popularised by the cartoon series, Scooby Doo. 

Yowsers, I just made a mess of my trousers - someone exclaiming in reaction to a recent unexpected/scary event that they may have soiled themselves as a result*



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Classical (Attic) Greek won't be of help in this case, since all words starting with an upsilon are actually aspirated (i.e. start with hy-). It's alien to Latin too. Nor do I expect much from Gaulish, since the few words that survived were written in Greek or Latin alphabets. Therefore we should look east: the y is used for transcribing many languages.

I'm suggesting Yaunā, the Old Persian word for Ionians, Macedonians, and Greeks, which seems to me a nice follow-up to Xšayāršā (Xerxes).

If, however, the Han make it into the next release (:)), then we can also use Chinese, giving more options to choose from.

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