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  1. I was born in Madrid (Spain) four decades ago, and I'm living actually in Valencia (also in Spain)...
  2. Hello Freagarach! Well, seems I'm a bit late with the recent translation issue, 'cause the patched installation file has been released rather quickly... Anyway, I'll try to report any further bugs I may encounter in the game. Thanks!
  3. Hello, here are some suggestions that I have found on Wikipedia, they are mainly deities from the ancient Near East: Levantine (Canaanite) gods: Yam Yahweh Yarikh Arabian gods: Ya'uq Yaghūth Yarhibol Yatha Hope you find one of these names useful!
  4. Downloaded right now the most recent patched release, trying it again ASAP... Many thanks to the programmers for fixing so quickly the Spanish language and the garrison issues!
  5. Hi there! Yup, I've also noted this strange UI behaviour when I just re-installed this afternoon the latest game update, 'cause I also use the Spanish translation. I thought at first that the game was not correctly installed, but after reading this thread I have already understood what was really going on... Awaiting then for a patched release file or a possible small hotfix, whatever is most convenient... Thanks for the report info and keep up the good work!
  6. Hi, my name is Hexereticdoom, and after some time about thinking it, I finally have decided to register and enter in Wildfire forums. Also, coinciding that in this present day a new big and important release of the awesome game that is 0 A.D. has come out in shape of Alpha 24, I have thought that it is a good chance for trying to help as much as I can in terms of the game and also reporting some possible bugs that I find along the way. (Although my main language is Spanish, I can also speak in English without any problem). Greetings everyone, saludos a todos!
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