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2 hours ago, JC (naval supremacist) said:

my stats : for every message, i receive more than 8 visitors on my profile.   It shows people are extremely interested in my status




You get really creative when it comes to finding weird stats to be good at while neglecting the bigger picture. You get the best CC/PV but you're banned indefinitely. It's like when you play for the best K/D and let all your allies die.

Anyway, the screenshot has already been taken, so you can now stop pressing F5 on your profile page to boost the kills... I mean profile views.

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but he says mean stuff in lobby,

maybe a permanent lobby mute,

great players should stay in 0 ad, 

great player should learn to behave and get propperly social manners

like leo dicaprio 



if ugly, bearded leo could learn how to be a king, u can also do it!!

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