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===[COMMITTED]=== Horse Update


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Included in the Blend file:

  • Rider animations.
  • Rein animations.
  • Horse animations.
  • Weapons and Shields (Including crossbow).
  • All armors and blankets.
  • Have textures attached so it won't end looking pink.
  • Have the byzantine cataphract cloth armor i've made too in case people want to make a texture for a full body armor they will have the UV's and the mesh for testing.
  • This is how will be seen when open:



    Red: Legs
    Green: Belly
    Turquoise: Tail
    Purple: Spine.
    Yellow: Knee's and shoulder helpers.
    Blue: Head (Green on head are Ears).

    For exporting an animation after baking using the action capture tool, selecting the whole armature is needed (What is seen first is the helpers i've made for make the animations) This is the whole armature selected:



    The two dots under the armature capes are for the props, they aren't needed for baking actions neither the 3rd one, thats for configurations of hoofs rotation.

    For baking attack long animations FPS is needed to be set in "32".

    Some actions aren't needed and are just placeholders or are broken feel free to delete them if want to.

    Files *Updated* 07/04/18

    >Blender files Horse.7z
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Pretty sure he wont anytime soon, he's last known to have been working on the horses though. had a pretty amusing way of making death animations lol. That said I'm more than a little wary of touching the mesh or skeletons themselves, just in case he comes back with some work for us. Lord knows that unit upgrade was given to us all at once

I'm assuming the skeletons and vertex groups are still intact or things would already be acting weird. Sounds compatible but without thorough testing I can't be sure

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34 minutes ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

that depends on His internet connection.

And if the pc won't explode in the process, last time i've made the drekkar gif's the recorder + gif's web page consumed the whole cpu (AMD Sempron 145 Single core 2.80ghz) now i learned to use blender renderer a bit so it will be easier

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>>Space for gif's<<

Cavalry 2 handed spear



  •  Attack Stab
  • Attack Stab Long
  • Walk Ready
  • Walk Relax


cavalry small shield

  • Walk Ready
  • Walk Relax


  • Walk Ready

cavalry swordsman

  • Attack Cut A
  • Attack Cut B

cavalry javelin

  • Attack




Attack animations have no shield version too

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18 minutes ago, stanislas69 said:

Just a thought. You could upload your anims to Sketchfab so that everyone could have a look at the angle they want :) that would save the render time. Though your internet might not like it.

The internet won't help here, it's easier make it all offline and just upload the finished files while there's nothing consuming the internet.

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There's at least 5 variations:

  • Shield (Ready, Generic, Relax)
  • No Shield (Ready, Generic, Relax)
  • 2 Handed (Ready, Generic, Relax)
  • Archer (Ready, Relax)
  • Javelin (Ready)

I need some reference for walking animations for the riders when trotting because mine's i feel them a bit lifeless and want to make them fluid and realistic, and i'm making another variant for the small shields like the iberian_spearman_E like this one:


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