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    Build Error

    Well, the code is broken. Not that I think that would allow you to get a successful build, but it seems the current code is written in a way that ignores what _() is.
  2. Indeed it doesn't, however in case a mod is compatible with multiple versions one can just sign it with the keys for those versions, and while it is the latest (or rather primary) download there it will show up in both and be usable. As for why only one file is visible, we don't provide a lot of support (read none) for old versions, so why should we show lots of old versions of mods that might be compatible just so that results in lots of "interesting" issues to debug when people are confused why things do not work. Nothing however prevents anyone from just downloading the file from the web
  3. How did you figure out my real identity? Na na na na na na Nicolas!
  4. No, this was a purely heathen effort.
  5. See the modding guide for details on how to create a mod.zip file. then just rename it to .pyromod or do the first step and then wait for a few days. Not that I would suggest that you shouldn't figure out what you are doing.
  6. I don't think you'll find a lot of software still supporting a dead port of an OS. That said quite a few games released back when that was a live OS did have ports to it. Some of those were since released as freeware, so you might have some success with that. I'm however not sure if those releases include binaries that run on those platforms. Among those you could check would be Starcraft (which had a Mac OS, not OSX release, though the notes for the free release talk about OSX 10.11, maybe Stargus does work on PowerPC if the old files aren't included), a few of the classic C&C games (bu
  7. TL;DR: Don't bother trying, it's not going to work. Given the specs mentioned on wikipedia for G4s with lots of upgrades (which is I guess not what you are actually operating) you might have a better or equivalent experience by eg getting a Raspberry Pi. For those that asked if some x86 dmg will work on PowerPC do ask yourself what a cpu architecture is. That said PowerPC is dead, and has been that way for about a decade. Now since strange architectures do have a certain fascination I'll try explaining why getting the game to work on that box is unfeasible without lots of work. Now since
  8. Your search foo is lacking: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15436-android-port/&page=11&tab=comments#comment-299683 Apart from that OSX/macOS/oohShiny is the system with the worst support you could try to run the game on, and that is not only related to those boxes really liking uncommon input methods. Though I guess for a few of those shortcuts you could try with cmd, or the actual ctrl key.
  9. If you specify mods to load as command line parameters, then you must specify all the mods that should be loaded, and in the correct order. Or you just write a proper mod.json and use the mod selection screen. (Whether the mod is in the user mods folder or within the game data files mods folder does not really matter (the former has slightly higher priority when a mod of the same name exists in both).)
  10. How do you start the engine? If you pass custom parameters to it which ones? If you pass mutliple -mod=foo entries, why do you not pass -mod=mod? Why do you not rely on the mod selection screen? If it does not show up there, what are the contents of your mod's mod.json. Also the wiki has some useful information regarding modding, apart from inane names for entries in the dependencies array.
  11. As s0600204 mentioned above GitLab offers unlimited private repos with unlimited number of collaborators. GitHub IIRC offers private repos for students (probably by using some edu domain when registering), and one can access such repos without having such an account if one gets added to that. As for updating to a new version check out the current changelog which isn't complete or updated, but should get that at some point hopefully.
  12. Someone should count how often it was mentioned that having access to the source (you are using a repository, right?), and developing against SVN was done in this thread so far. That would at least reduce the amount of time spent trying to work around bugs in the last release that were already fixed in SVN. Regarding the patch above, that does look quite nice in places! But why are Gravity and Delay in a different order in simulation/templates/structures/goron_temps/template_goron_civil_centre.xml compared to most other files? Not related to the patch, but why is template_unit present in the
  13. SirPope seems to be stuck in a mindset that the engine cannot be changed. That is one of those things where we do have an advantage over other engines. The requirements listed in response to s600204's questions seem to indicate that there should be different resources, with limitations on bartering and possibly trading. But trying to shove those into the resources currently present in the public mod seems to be more than just wrong. Yes, having quite a few of resources will require quite a few changes to template files, but since this is the closest thing to a total conversion mod we have
  14. That might be a limitation of the AI as for everyone but the GUI (which should just display the visible classes) there is no distinction between Classes and VisibleClasses.
  15. Maybe all of them. The classes the actual templates have might be somewhat inconsistent, check the files if you want more detailed information. I don't expect a lot of unification to happen there since number of devs caring about that decreased recently.
  16. See the function comment for MatchesClassList. Also do not use the "hybrid" thing that is broken and inconsistent and is going to be removed (see D869 and related discussions).
  17. You could probably use the special filter to add a class (Foundation) to the foundation, then change the aura to not apply to entities that have the Foundation class (+!Foundation for each entry or something).
  18. So the ruins are to be gathered while under construction? Or only when fully constructed? And they should decay while under construction, or only once fully constructed? For just removing the spawning while that thing is a foundation is to modify the special/filter/formation template to disable SpawnEntityOnDeath. Add the following to the <Health> tag: <SpawnEntityOnDeath disable=""/>. That way no foundation (so this is not limited to this specific template, but to all) will spawn an entity on death. If that is what you want I cannot tell. Auras stack if you make them stackab
  19. Yes, look at some buildings for how this is done. For the most part (unless it is about moving, or anything tied to UnitAI) there is no difference between units and buildings.
  20. When anyone talks about something decimal in the simulation, which for reasons of being shorter and people being lazy and everyone knowing better (at least I hope the last one is true), they mean fixed point. That's the reason why we have cross-platform (or actually same-platform in some cases) multiplayer and a reproducible simulation which is quite important. As for float getting messed up, well only if you decide that you like NaNs, apart from that the remaining issues are some platform specific functions, actually used internal precision for floating point operations, and rounding modes,
  21. Actual translation discussions (per language that is) mostly happen on transifex itself. And that is where you should coordinate with other translators (if there are any that are active). The source files are updated about twice a week, so if there are changes to them those will show up on transifex. If you decide to work offline for that whole time instead of regularly uploading then you will be confronted with having done pointless work that might not apply anymore. Upload your changes regularly if you prefer a proper local tool over transifex' ever changing interface, at one point I think
  22. As one can see from the links fatherbushido posted earlier A22 is in unstable. If you want updated packages running Debian Stable is most likely not the best choice, if that doesn't satisfy you get in contact with the package maintainers, or build things from source.
  23. Then only play against "Medium" level AIs. Or read the descriptions of the higher levels. Part of non C&C/SC/WC-style (read: mostly AoE-style) maps is that they aren't perfectly symmetrical, adapt to that, or play maps that are. One civ does not mean that every map is symmetrical, I'm not even sure if that applies to random maps. Making RMS symmetrical should be relatively easy, if those maps are actually fun to play is something else. I however think that having the option of playing a map that is perfectly symmetrical is better than forcing everyone to play those maps. We aren't taking
  24. See Health's SpawnEntityOnDeath as documented in the entity XML documentation. You will most likely also have to change the death type (to vanish). Depending on what you spawn you might want to prefix the template name with resource|. To find out what that does read the special/filter/resource.xml file in addition to the CParamNode documentation. Or in case you don't want to read that much on how it works behind the scenes just look at the resource filter template listed above, and eg the sheep template, and compare that to a tree template. Depending on what you want you should pick eithe
  25. They aren't compressed, they are however packed into one file. That helps with actually loading from disk and might very well help with loading times.
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