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  1. @stanislas69 I tried it today and it doesn't work.Error- architecture not supported
  2. Thanx leper on answer. I am not familiar with programming and computing but as I understood when I today say hey make it for PPC it looks like make it for SPARC-book Do you have any recomendation for good free,freeware or demo strategy which works on 10.5 PPC?
  3. I will try it in monday, I have limited connection now.I didn't try earlier because I saw 10.7 intel and I said "huh man it should not work on my metal PPC trash"
  4. You support Mac OsX 10.7 and later (Intel), but I have 10.5 (Ppc).I am not programmer
  5. Was there any official or unofficial port of this game for that machine? My machine is G4 and it is not so slow so it would be great to play this game.Regards
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