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===[COMMITTED]=== Spears Remesh

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1 minute ago, stanislas69 said:

@Alexandermb Could you work on the fishermen first ?

I'm on it, i did the net and the animation, but still figuring out how to animate fully fluid, i got the move and the idle of the fisher, and the fishing is nearly done for the unit but the net is kinda hard, so i'm slow with it until i found a way to make it work, i did this last night while i was taking a break from the fishnet ^_^


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2 hours ago, stanislas69 said:

As you wish :) Will make everything more complex though.

Got this for some files, any advice?


Edit: its only those meshes so i have to make them again.

Here's a look of the javelins. Quiver reversed for make scense and following the references.




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@Alexandermb Oooh, thanks! I think it's ok like that, but of course I have to add my traditional nitpickery:

The largest examples of these spearheads are the size of small short-swords, having an almost oriental feel. I'd suggest increasing the size of the spear head a little bit (but keep the same length for the shaft). The Kushite Royal cavalry will be eternally grateful for that extra inch or two of reach ;) 



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