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And taverns and sex worker that don't practice sex only kill your heroes.

10 minutes ago, sphyrth said:

"How dare you! You promote slavery."
There, trolls. I beat you to it. Now, can we have a good discussion here?

Will 0 A.D. Wood have this? I'm imagining a lot of wars centering around the buildings.

Na this my work in Delenda Est mod-mod ( Mundus Regnum) I called.

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Isn't great thing yet I need have a big list of units, only can you train here.

roman slaves cost food and metal.

african slaves cost food only and have big boost mining and hunting

egyptian laborel only cost food / can fight

oveerseeker can explore the zone. And boost slaves.

punished slave good at mining but low hp cost metal 

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The Slave Market template name should follow the existing convention. So,:


If it's a structure like DE's merc camps, then:



or, if buildable by factions, then:



Then, the slave file names should follow accordingly:


If the Slave Market is like DE's merc camps, then:



etc. to group them all together in the entities list.


If the Slave Market is a buildable structure, then the slaves should be named:






So, is the Slave Market like DE's mercenary camps? A structure already on the map that you must capture?


Or are they special buildings each civ can build?

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3 minutes ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

I'm  very noob with templates.

is neutral like merc...

isnt buildable.

ok I haven't idea hahahaha.


1 minute ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

This first approach is by biome, North African  zone.

Okay, great. So, here is how you should do file names:







Then all the slaves can be named per ethnicity, so:


etc. or however you want to group them.

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That depends african are best hunter and if a remember history Spanish Castilian bring them to American to work in mines.

they have different costs. The slave market I'm representing here are from Egypt-Kushites. So locals are less expensive.

im experimenting  yet...

i want rock paper scissor  with slaves...

im not incluiding celts and Germans yet. Or Mauritans and Iberians.

@Sundiata what you think?

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the problem is the next... DE default slaves are no a bonus and dont work as Citizen soldier.

in the real life can be different may be i can best slave than other ethnicy...but in average not.

so i have this dilemma have different slaves to different task with different bonus.

my main idea some time ago was they have a overpower bonus with consequences.

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@Lion.Kanzen So, as I said in a previous post on the subject, attaching specific characteristics to specific ethnicities is going to cause unwanted controversy. I'm with LordGood on this one. The slaves should have different ethnicities based on the biome/scenario, but should ideally be identical to each-other in terms of stats.

11 hours ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

That depends african are best hunter and if a remember history Spanish Castilian bring them to American to work in mines.

This, for example can be criticised as baseless stereotypes. I haven't seen any empirical studies on the efficiency of different ethnicities in different slave-roles in classical antiquity. I think in the ancient world, they were all good hunters. The use of West- and Central-African slaves in the mines in the Americas, during the trans-atlantic slave-trade, also doesn't merit the specialisation of North/East African black slaves in mining in a mediterranean context. There's an almost 2000 year gap and several thousand kilometres between the two events. 

As LordGood hinted at, America (USA) is a racial powder keg at the moment. So is Western Europe (trust me, I know...). Anything that can possibly be misconstrued as racism causes unpleasant controversies, of which I think most people here would like to keep out of 0AD.


PS: A sneaky way around this dilemma of yours is to add specific research techs to slave markets per biome instead of per ethnicity, perhaps (this is less explicitly racial).. For example, a slave market in a Sudanese biome could research a generic mining tech (not related to the type of slaves, but rather the chosen biome). In effect it's the same as what you want to achieve, but you just don't name it as such. A slave of any colour is just called a slave, but different biomes automatically recruit the associated ethnicity/ethnicities, and the markets can have different techs available for research depending on biome. Just don't differentiate the type/name of slaves by ethnicity, that's all. Just call them "slave" and determine their skin-colour automatically per biome without explicitly referring to their colour. So don't call them "Kushite slaves", and "kushite slave mining tech", just call them "slaves", and "mining tech", skin-colour(s) and available techs being set automatically per biome. 

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