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New head mesh


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I made the head like the one's i posted before from scratch using as reference the other head, but made it with less polygons also i adapted the uv's to match the actual head textures, but it stills need eyes textures. and the hair/beard could be made apart for make it look more realistic.

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8 hours ago, Sturm said:

Hi folks! Imho, both new head meshes are better than the current one.

I honestly disagree (hi there). I don't think the heads need to have 300+ vertices or even 144. The current head could use some new UV mapping and some adjustments to the geometry, but the newer ones make the dude's head look strangely fat, IMHO. I think something halfway between the current head and proposed head would be more ideal, both in geometric shape, number of vertices (if absolutely necessary), and UV mapping. :) 

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I think the new head is waaay better, he just has an insanely thick neck which makes him look a little awkward. Fix the neck and it's awesome. Perhaps because the units are so small in-game, the features could be a little more pronounced: eyes/eyebrows, nose, lips... But not like the original dude-head, which looks a little like someone with down-syndrome.

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