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[a21 replays]


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On 4/14/2017 at 9:04 PM, 9025201729 said:

Edit Note: temple pointed out that i had attached the wrong game. This has been corrected

Too late. I already have that replay and recorded my commentary on it. Should be coming up in the next few weeks. Gonna do this one if the game length and max unit count is decent for my machine.

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Boudica (1588), phoenixdesk (1330), Marcopolo123 (1118)


2017-04-20_0003.zipkizitom (1625), Khosrov (1383), palank_svn (1458)

The second team had no wood and army at the beginning, also  the first team smashed the centre of defence and the rest of 2nd team armies.  But they lost all their army when attacking fortress on the North and ran out of the wood

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Hi, I've decided to share my replays with whoever wants to see them.

They can be found here.

While most of the games are from a21 (comes in 5 parts), there are also some a20 and a22 (svn) games for you all to watch.

I hope there are some replay fanatics out there who will jump with joy at this news :P

These replays are also good if you want to learn the game a bit more, since I play acceptably well (most of the time) and I also play with "pro" people who each have their strategies.


Good watching :D

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team 1 :murians
team 2:murians

this is a murian civil war in this map moe__ use expensive tactic for naval defense is very funny hahahha

2017-04-22_murian civil war.zip


2vs2 mediterranean map
team 1:Gunnar-benhur1 britans 
teams 2:Yellowtaifillet-soloooyo ibers

war for wood in zone 3 of map and tower power vs slingers full upgrades  jajajj

2017-04-17 iberos vs britanos.zip

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On my YouTube channel, it seems that the 1vs1 series between Butcher and Finch has been very appreciated by viewers (even with a clear difference of level between the two players).

If you guys have more 1vs1 series, I'd be happy to cast it (please borg send your 1v1!)

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On 5/26/2017 at 4:02 AM, Alekusu said:

btw if someone has a Delenda Est Multiplayer replay game you'll make me very happy

me like


btw, if any 2 or more players want to download the mod and make a replay: https://github.com/JustusAvramenko/delenda_est -- svn compatible version.




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Players:   Grugnas, nigel87, LeGenDz, xPlague  vs   Liberty, imrobbyg, Achelao, maxticatrix

Map:   Mediterranean

Size:   Normal

Pop Cap: 150

Duration:   56:36

Summary:   Opponents were placed with an interesting pattern, alternatively one by one preventing any kind of help from allies without let their other flank defenseless. Despite the game quickly turned into a 2v4, as soon as the players had mutual knowledge of the placements in order to establish a profitable trade route (main source of resources in late game), the game had an unpredictable ending.  Barrack trainable champions demonstrated again to provide most of the late game advantage, in particular Champions Swordsman Cavalry which as no rivals in open fields, at raiding and at capturing buildings especially when there are no infantry spear champions relying civs, erasing any players numerical advantage.


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