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  1. Most Europeans are just saying Europe and USA are different on these matters tho
  2. I play on PC now (for more than a year actually and didn't play mods on my mac sorry :s) and wasn't on Discord actually.
  3. Congrats team ! Looking forward to try it!
  4. I think we can do the realistic range and use cost/damage for gameplay balance. That doesn't seems too hard to do.
  5. In terms of range we should have: catapult > tower > organic units. That would be the best in terms of gameplay imo (and it's realistic too).
  6. I'll finish to cast the remaining 3v3 and 4v4 that I have but I'd prefer 1v1 from now. The Finch vs Butcher series and Franksy series were the most interesting games to cast for me. So for replays I'll cast, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 good, 1v1 very good, 1v1 on Delenda amazing
  7. @wowgetoffyourcellphone what's your nickname ingame ?
  8. Thanks guys, I'll try to comment as much games as I can this weekend (girlfriend is out eheh)
  9. Thanks PhyZik, I plan to cast a lot of games this weekend!
  10. I plan to cast the replay from Grugnas this weekend! And yeah please more DE replays!!!!
  11. To be fair, you take two players with same level, one with Spartan, one with Seleucids... well spartans wins 9 out of 10 imo. On phase 2, mass cavalry archers won't stop mass Skiriitai imo.
  12. Yes Spartans have a pop cap at 270 so you might have the edge on late game.
  13. ATN stands for Atlani, my family name.
  14. oooh I live there too, need to meet this guy! ^^
  15. Yeah, I got my first two "dislike" since I started casting games on the part 2 of the 3v3 ^^ I guess people didn't like not knowing the end of the game ^^
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