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[a21 replays]


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Map: Canyon (1st try mountain climb)

Players: (wang_wei, Hannibal Barca) vs (Merov, SaltySeyi) vs (siole, elexis) vs (Grugnas, Liberty (aka ZhengfuZhe))

Summary: 90 minutes gametime. On this map, each player is surrounded by mountains. The middle is valuable due to the forests. But as small passages connect allies, trade is safe alternative. Walls were allowed and utilized.


In this replay, I made my first try to relocate my city onto the mountain:


The other replays following this posts are more fleshed out though. In case you ever decide to visit that godforsaken place using a bug, consider that those bumps on the mountains are only reachable from one small path (if at all), so don't block that path by constructing a building at that place! The tiny paths between the bumps can be used for trade if lucky, but that often gets stuck due to the small area:


After the winner of the match was clear, he had to get up to that mountain to wipe out us escapists. After finally having succeeded with that and building a fortress there, he found out that the area was disconnected from our city. This resulted in a mexican cheat standoff: He used the developer cheat to delete my civic center, I paused the game and quickly typed the debug command to exit the game for every client without notification before he could delete the rest. What an ending xD

Thanks siole for providing the full replay!


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Map: Canyon (2nd try mountain climb)

Players: (wang_wei, Hannibal Barca, siole, elexis) vs (fpre, Vercingetorix, Grugnas, FeldFeld (later bb))

Summary: 100 minutes gametime (actual game much less). This time it was a game with only two teams, so walling and trade was way more effective. Unfortunately one team took out the middle of another team, so it was gg at that point.


That however didn't bother me as my mission was to build a nice base on that mountain. Enemies delivered messages in wall codes or mostly left the game due to boredom.

While there were some tries to reach our city, only bb who rejoined as FeldFeld was succesful at defeating us. From what I recall, he didn't use buildings but a ram to enter the mountain with some champions, captured a house, built a barracks and eaisly took our civic center. So people on the mountain are not untouchable, nor hard to defeat at all if you know what you have to do.

Also I repeated a mistake here, which is not garrisoning the towers after losing the civic center at the bottom. Hence my own towers on the mountain attacked my trade carts!

The toughest challenge is to use the few space available on the mountain wisely. One corral was used with batches of 15 sheep or more, the rest went into houses. I should have really built a temple though to train champions. In particular I lacked the health regain upgrade.


At the right side is siole again. Notice it is possible to get down from the mountain the same way you get up there. Just that there are less viable places.




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Map:  Oasis

Players: Grugnas, Hannibal_Barca, Vercingetorix_, imrobbyg, Valerianis, Cesar, elexis4, philosopher

Summary: The game was a diplomacy LMS where, as usual, peace  reigns and we are all friends :rolleyes:. One by one we changed our alliances till the end where I had to face 2 players, Britons and Romans.  As you can imagine, all the players had the time to set up a profitable trade route and cumulate resources in order to train champions before an alliance change.

I played for Athene, a civ that i particulary like due its versatility and the wide choice of champions aviable. Despite its strong infantry, Athene lack on siege choice since they can only use Bolt Shooter and Catapults.

Valerianis played for britons, civ known for its deadly slinger mass train from phase 1 and their synergy with Cunobelin which makes them really strong in the battlefield.

Hannibal_Barca played for Romans, civ with imho the best cavalry champion in the game because they use sword and can crush buildings and enemy armies.

If you take the effort to watch the replay, you will notice that near the end game I had to play against 2 players forcing me to mix my forces in order to be efficient against Champion Swordmen and  Champion Cavalry. Impossibilitate to set a trade route and to use catapults (because slingers can destroy them easly from distance), I sneaked into the roman territory  with a bunch of champion spearmen in order to get rid of the market avoiding the trade between the 2 players. You can notice that, despite the full garrisoned Civic Center shooting at me and champions from both the players, I managed to win the fight because Spear wins over the Sword (despite their metal cost) and the cavalry then the game finished, for me at least, because i left the game because it was kinda draw for me since Champion spearmen beat swordmen and they win cavalry too, so the game was just waiting until set a profitable trade route (like other 20 - 30 min of game just waiting for infinite resources by trading) for the enemy "team" between a capture raid by cavalry and another.

What I'd like to focus is the last part:


I managed to win the fight because Spear wins over the Sword and the cavalry then the game finished, for me at least, because i left the game because it was kinda draw for me.

This mean that spearmen wins over swordmen and cavalry too resulting that there is no way to counter spearmen with swordmen or cavalry. Actually the cavalry role in EVERY long game is just to run around the enemy base and capturing buildings since 20 cavalry capture + suicide a building in less time that a ram needs to destroy it .   There is not a cure for all the curses by the way the cavalry deserve less Capture Points than infantry since they already have 2 techs aviable from stable that increases their movement speed which makes spearmen totally useless against any kind of cavalry and, since in low population cap games expanding is really risky, that cavalry trick of just sneak and suicide buildings becomes uncounterable and just annoying since the cavalry will never fight spearmen (as it should be). Anyway using spear infantry is risky because they are slow and they retreat slowly and having a dislevel between infantry and cavalry would be reasonably considering their movement speed.


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Just now, fatherbushido said:

Map: mainland

Players: mr_harry vs fatherbushido

Summary: a classic 1v1. Rome vs Britons (civ picked in the gamesetup). I posted it mainly for the cav rush of mr_harry wich did a very good unit control imo. Then the game will turn to a big frontline battle.


Missing file :(

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21 hours ago, fcxSanya said:

Since you started the commentated tutorial series, maybe you will also try your hand at casting a match now? :)

That actually became part of my long-term plan. Once I got the ability to "speak nonstop", I'll ask permission from the guys here if they want their replays featured for commentary, and then moveon from there.

But my biggest hurdle at the moment is that I need a machine with specs that can handle over 400 path-finding units without significantly lagging (My computer feels the lag at that point even when I'm not using my recorder).

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2 minutes game

Map: Pompei

Placed between enemies and sea, tried to gather wood with all my units relying on ships for gathering food but, suprisingly, there was no fish in the left side of the sea and gathering food from grainfields would have been pointless because roman spear cavalry would have killed all my women resulting in a waste of resources, same for women on wood because cavalry can easly outflank spearmen and i should have to halt them anyway for defending otherwise enemy troops could kill my gathering units despite the aggressive stance of those. Same for sentry towers, since skirimsher cavalry over damage those. Looks like sentry towers are effective only vs infantry. Asking for resources to my allies would only result on a slower death. Enjoy the short replay.


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Most of pro players say that playing vs AI is not fun. And yes, I do enjoy playing multiplayer more than any game vs AI. However I want to show you that it can be fun.

Game vs 7 bots includes the same elements as any team multiplayer game. You have to do an early rush else you're soon overrun. As soon as bots get market you have to raid trade. Meanwhile you have to care for your own eco. 

This is a quite an old replay of me playing vs 7 medium bots. I could have win faster but my multitasking skills are not that good.

If playing vs 7 medium bots is not enough for you, you can change any number of bots to higher difficulty. However I'm certain that no one can win vs 7 very hard bots.




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wrong file
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On 5/2/2017 at 4:10 PM, LordGood said:

Sounds like you could have used some palisades with all that unnecessary ship wood. 

That's true. By the way if you consider the wood spent for the dock + 4 fish boats (which make me focus all the organic units on wood only) and the wood I should have spent for grainfields + houses in order to rise more my population, probably I couldn't have so much time / resources. Probably i  just had to ask my allies for help tho <_<

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Map: Survival of the FitNESS!

This time i lost because I had a bad micromanagement since i ordered my units to repair a building while gaia spawned and attacked. Since the Hero unit can't repair things, he's gone on the road to nowhere being caught by gaia rams. Managed to arrive 2nd despite the numerous treasures impossible to take :P


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Map: Survival Of The Fittest

Players: borg-, Hannibal Barca, bb (later replaced by fpre), WW_Butcher, META-BARONS, elexis, Csar_Spase

Summary: Regicide, Revealed Map, 2x Speed, 100 pop cap, High starting resources, self-trade, Large map

This match was in particular interesting as it wasn't obvious until the very end who would win.

While I got entirely embarrassingly defeated in the first freaking round, three candidates withstood all attacker waves for 2,5 hours (there will be exponential enemy waves to reduce the waiting time, see #3102).

In particular I am glad that Hannibal Barca has proven that this can be achieved without self-trade at all (as it isn't obvious whether markets should become disabled).



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