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In-game Taunts


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Your sailors better know how to swim

wipe them out....al of them



Here comes the cavalry

Watch your flanks

lets see you stop me know

If you think you have a big town you should see mine!

Are you trying that strategy again.

a few towers are useless against seige.



The king is dead

I think your'e going to lose



your welcome

what's up?

can I get some ore here?

anyone have some extra wood?

Build a wonder

go to the right

go to the left


you monster (gingerbread man from shrek)

Please dont hurt me

Im your ally

quit stealing my Town Centres (or this ame's equivelent)

I warned you


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- Sorry, I wasn't paying attention.(when your ally gets wiped out)

- Why did they have to phone now!

- darn you eBay!

- Have your soldiers been taking drugs?

- What the...

- Ye have reduced my gold stockpile to little but none. For this, I will do the same...with your blood!

- rah-rah-rah! My team is the best! B-E-S-T! What does that spell?

- You taunt like a girl.

- Cease that infernal racket! (Counter-Taunt)

- Sorry, I didn't know we were playing tennis. (Counter-Counter-Taunt)

- *Dances in easy game*

- The pain! The pain of it all!

- Bah. ESO was better.

- Are youw startin'?

- Help! Being rushed!

- ...Arggggggggghhhh!...

- (Freedy Mercury) Another one bites the dust!

- A quick survey of the area and....*0ad theme in ringtone form plays* ... uh, sorry guys, I gotta take this...


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i think it'd be cool to have some references to the forum life... like blizzard game has references to other blizzard games.

Okay, how about:

"Timbo, can you fix this?"

"I'll do it after the merger."

"Who should I donate this currency to?"

"It's not a fish, it's a trout"

"Another birthday by Argalius..."

"Rep up"

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Here's some :cool:


-If it bleeds, we can kill it.

-I'll be back

-You're Terminated

-Hasta la vista, baby

-YEAH!!! (Howard Dean stlye yeah ;) )


-Respect my Authority!

-Ya'll wnat cheessy poofs

-My goo, my precious goo

-You got served

-H-h-holy g-g-guacamole

(I have sound clips for the southpark ones above, nice quality too. ;)

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- "If it ain't broke, you aren't tryin' hard enough." (from Red Green, a comedy show we have here in Canada :) )

- "Hail Caesar! We who are about to die salute you!" (When the player knows a fight is futile)

- "Die with Honour!" (Said to the player who knows a fight is futile)

- "Hail the victorious dead!" (After a battle is won)

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From a chat with me and Mythos

 Michael [aka Mythos_Ruler] says:
See the Carths Trade Centre?
CheeZy says:
haha, it's called a "Suq"
Michael [aka Mythos_Ruler] says:
Yes... SUCK
CheeZy says:
Suqs 2 B U, mate!
CheeZy says:
I can so see that being said in our game
Michael [aka Mythos_Ruler] says:
Sounds like a good taunt
CheeZy says:
CheeZy says:
put it in the thread!
Michael [aka Mythos_Ruler] says:

That's right, the Carthaginian Suq is pronounced the same way as Suck. But maybe it might not be so funny to you right now since you're not familiar with the Suq building yet :saruman:

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