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  1. Awesome. Dugg and My #1'ed. Thanks, Morgan!
  2. Wait 2 and 3 aren't true? (I'm American, by the way...) But yeah, I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if this problem is much more rampant in the US than in many other countries... we aren't exactly well-educated about other cultures and stuff here... many people in my classes don't know where Italy is... probably haven't even heard of Norway...
  3. I think Petar is with AoSW, not LTA. Plus, LTA already has icons. EDIT: To reply without pointlessly bumping the thread.... I would know if he's in LTA. I used to be the head modder, before 0 A.D.
  4. Awesome. Perhaps this mplayer warning is related. [mpeg4 @ 0x87e000c]warning: first frame is no keyframe The first frame is probably encoded fussily so some players do and some don't display it. And since (I assume) that video codecs store differences between frames, that would explain the green (or black in my case with mplayer) squares at the beginning. (For the record, it plays fine in xine and totem (gstreamer) for me, but not in mplayer.)
  5. Well, if FFmpeg or whatever is integrated to the editor (I'm sure scenario designers would love to be able to render cinematics into movies) I don't think it would matter if there is a disable-tricks flag, since it's expected that rendering a movie wouldn't be real-time. (Plus it probably would be lower res too.) Awesome videos, Christoph. You make me want to have a decent video card even more. (Integrated Intel chips are evil!!)
  6. AoK was constrained by its technology. With 2d graphics, it is EXTREMELY difficult to have unique art, etc. for as many civs as it had, without exploding in how much space you use (which is limited, and was even more limited back then). AoK, for its technology and time, was an amazing game. I am more of a modder than a gamer, so, yes, I did mostly abandon it for AoM, because AoK wasn't particularly easily moddable. But as a game, AoK was considerably more fun. AoM had a new 3d engine, and thus had all the advantages of a 3d game, but didn't go any further. So yes, you will see many things where AoM improves over AoK. With the new engine, it would be silly if it didn't. But we should have seen a LOT more. Not just the obvious things, but new things to truly exploit the engine. We haven't seen anything particularly innovative (in my rather sideways look on things anyway ) yet in even AoE3, much less AoM. Of course, AoM is a good game too. But not for innovativeness. This is why you'll find AoK has a much more loyal fanbase than AoM. The developers put more work into the gameplay and innovation, and it shows.
  7. More info on the crop circles: http://lug.oregonstate.edu/index.php/Proje.../Firefox_Circle
  8. Camera: Very likely yes... the engine is able to adjust the view in any case. If for some reason we decide to lock or constrain the camera in-game, there'll certainly be options to give free camera control.
  9. The art is created by whatever programs the artists like working best with. I believe most of us use Photoshop for texturing and 3DS Max for modeling/unwrapping. A few of us (i.e. me ) use The GIMP for texturing and Blender for modeling/unwrapping. (Have I missed anything?)
  10. 1280x1024's not...? hmm, good point. Never noticed that. (Yeah, I'm rather inattentive for a math geek, meh, whatever.) Strange, all my monitors are currently at 1280x1024. How did that resolution come about anyway, if it's not the same ratio as the others?
  11. @Belisarivs: No, I'm working on a script that does that. What Titus meant by a skeleton is that we have for example a set of "Dude" models that contain a unit's body and such. Then another file specifies which props to attach where, for example the head, helmet, weapons. In addition, animations are separate from models, so as long as a model as the same bone structure as our standard dudes, the old animations can be reused. This way we avoid the need to recreate a lot of our assets, and modders will have a lot of material to work with. You'd probably end up not having to model that much. I would expect the majority of your work would be texturing and modelling small props. Yes, we use dds. We'll provide tools to convert textures.
  12. I've always liked those kinds of scale pictures. Most drawings of the solar system, etc. promote a very skewed mental image of the relative sizes and distances of everything. Probably because a picture that is both correct in size and scale kind of has very little to look at... or needs to be very very big, but... that's no excuse! Hmm... I seem to recall attempting to draw one at one point when I was really young... I think I had 12 sheets of paper taped together or something. And I somehow suspect that my math was wrong and it was badly off anyway. I don't think I ever finished it.
  13. @Carlos: Hmmm... never really thought about this one much. Probably something involving math and/or programming... various forms of art I dabble with seem more of hobby-type stuff... I don't know. Maybe Google? Definitely something that leaves me time to contribute something to the open source community... those people have helped me so much in ridiculous amounts of ways that it's just wrong not to give something back.
  14. It's probably because of 0ad.
  15. They're forward slashes. And commenting is more-or-less a given. Housekeeping can possibly include better comments, but completely uncommented code kind of gets out of hand quickly with anything remotely complex.
  16. A LOT. In the sense of... a lot a lot... i.e. too many.
  17. Does this answer your question? http://www.wildfiregames.com/0ad/page.php?p=10066
  18. 1. Bye, bye Microsoft. 2. Bye, bye closed file formats and such (closed source is fine, but no closed formats... I want to actually own my files... not liscense them) 3. A really awesome computer.
  19. The shadowing setup had to be greatly editted to allow self-shadowing. Notice how the Genetic Engineering lab's spikes cast shadows on itself and the building itself casts a shadow on the soldier behind it, etc. Now that it is capable of self-shadowing, it shouldn't be too difficult to smooth the edges, increase shadow resolution, adjust ambient color, or whatever is needed to make the shadows prettier.
  20. AoK -> AoM -> Google -> AoMH -> Community Forums thingies -> TLA -> WFG -> Lurker -> Register -> Post a bunch -> Fun -> Apply -> 0 A.D. staff -> More Fun Short version: I saw a link about TLA in AoMH, lurked for a bit, registered, and... here I am now.
  21. Happy umm... Pi + 0.01 day!! Or maybe... 1/5th day. Pi Day is the day where people celebrate... pi. Since it's 3/14. Incidentally, it's also Albert Einstein's birthday. 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816406286208998628034825342117067982148086 Beat that, Carlos! (btw, it's 169, not 969) I recited that to the class of 4th and 5th graders I am teaching math to yesterday. It was the only time they ever were quiet, sadly. Don't have a shirt though.
  22. Dunno. That's just what my mom told me about it. (I'm half-Taiwanese half-Russian)
  23. Hey! Frogs are tasty! Seriously, they taste kind of like chicken. But with a nicer texture. And it's much easier to clean the bones off, with chicken you get scraps everywhere, but the bone comes right out with the leg of the frog.
  24. Oh... that's why we got Friday off lol. Our school never gets off on Presidents Day though... I suspect that the Friday was more of a random give-teachers-a-break-day. (Of course, there's never any thought towards the students around here. )
  25. Can't you just omit his first name? EDIT: Oh, I see.
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