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  1. Hey WFG, I'd like to say that you guys inspired me to start a mod - so I have. It's a total conversion of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade into Resident Evil 4. OK, I know it has nothing to do with LotR or history, but who doesn't like a few zombies to go with their hoplites? I'm working as a coder, and I've already finished the Illuminados and am almost done with the US. We still don't have any models - we only have two modellers; one of them is having some computer problems and the other has a lot of homework. And, since it's a TC, it would be illegal to release it with placeholders. So I guess I'll have to learn to model. Check out our forums here: http://www.takeforum.com/dow2re4/. We have a website as well, but it's just there so we could get on MODDB - we don't actually update it. So thanks again for the inspiration Maybe I could help out as a side mod-job later, but I'm still trying to get my own mod fully playable. So... yeah. kthxbai
  2. Sorry for the somewhat outdated reply - but a while ago I saw it with a few friends... It turns out that one of the frat boys was the cousin of a friend of mine. Wow.
  3. Dude, they can't release a beta if they don't have an alpha.
  4. Awesome! Only thing I can point out if the lumberjacks seemed a bit far from the trees and the soldiers in the beginning looked like they were speedwalking, that looked funny. Otherwise, awesome! MOAR!
  5. Remember they said you can't build buildings yet. I wouldn't say 0ad is ready for a demo if the team is telling the truth
  6. Really? I would have imagined you could garrison archers on a platform atop a War Elephant or something... But in that case, it would be good for them to die - have some sort of ladder that takes a few seconds to set up or something, so that if the elephant suffered heavy damage (got to 15% or so) you could set up the ladder to evacuate as I suggested, but the elephant would move slower with it dragging along the ground.
  7. Yes, I agree units should die if a transport is over water. It was your own decision to send it over water and there are, of course, risks. The point I was making however, was that it is stupid for uits to die when their land-based transport is destroyed.
  8. Well, the thing I mean with the transport example is that there is no point in not having the units exit, meaning it is just a few more meaningless clicks that could be automated. Realism can still be preserved by having the units panic and pile out of the transport when it is at, say, 10% health. Or, if the transport is at 15% health and something does enough damage to one-hit it, the units could pile out before the attack lands. Again, it's just like attacking an enemy in range, there is no point ever (except maybe in the campaign, like that mission in AOE2 with the Dome of the Rock) in not doing it. Things like flanking an enemy or deciding to retreat are more tactical, and that is supposed to be the point of an RTS - making decisions fast, not playing at 100 APM.
  9. I know a fair deal about micro (I've played Dune 2, where the gatherers don't resume gathering after dropping off resources ), and was interested as to how many painkillers we will have to take in an average game of 0ad. I have always wanted a game where stuff you'd do anyway is done for you. For example, modern RTS have gatherers that resume gathering after dropping off resources. A famous one, C&C:G, has all units inside a transport die when the transport is destroyed. That is what I don't like, there's no thinking involved, just "OMG my trannspoter lol is dieing ZOMG click fester make yunits go OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!111", which I think has no place in a strategy game. I realise that there will always be micro as long had you attach RT to the S, but most of it, is I see it, is pointless to have in a game. How much unecessary action will have to be taken to survive in the competitive world of 0ad?
  10. Baggins! I can't increase the shot's resolution. Clicking doesn't do anything!
  11. Well, let's just hope we get some awesome models for the campaign characters
  12. Whichever comes first in the campaign But if ther eis no campaign... Iberians.
  13. I can imagine there will be standard stuff like texture detail and screen resolution, but will we also have persistant corpses, water reflections and that sort of cool stuff? Do you also have some totally unique ideas you're willing to tell us about? So... I guess you can suggest stuff that you want to be customizeable... EDIT: I just though of another thing! An option on whether, when attacked, you want cit. soldiers to keep working or join the fight, or if you want them to keep working, to just work or to flee if they themselves are attacked.
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