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  1. My idea is not to make the mod all based on the combat, but to not let the combats of the game be decided by how fast can you build barracks and click to produce more men. In my opinion, while the economy should help the player to get the upper hand in a combat, it's should be decided by the player's tactics, and not by how fast can he produce soldiers and assign villagers to resources (One thing I hate on some RTS is how sometimes you have to, in the middle of a fight, come back to your town center to micro-manage your economy, because it's the real winning factor). My idea is to have a smaller need of economic micro-management than in many "conventional" RTS's, and to have some important economic aspects also dependant on the military (like the "capturable civic centers" generating gold, which would also be usefull to represent taxes, which are the main source of income of any government). Do you get the idea?
  2. Well folks, I have been thinking about the design of this "mod", and here are some ideas I'd like to share. First of all, I would like to focus less on economic micro-management and more on the battlefield. In order to reach this, I think it would be interesting to make the mod somewhat like "Warhammer 40.000", that is, with the economy depending on combat. The easiest way to do this (like in Warhammer) would be to have choke points , which would somehow contribute to the players economy. Mines, for example, would be those choke points, and holding them would be the best way to generate mineral resources. Another way to focus more on the military would be to have farms and plantations as the most profittable (and probably only effective) way to generate food (and maybe gold), and to have a limit of hose per civic center. This would force the player to capture other civic centers (there would be some neutral ones around the map, similar to "Cossacks II") in order to expand his economy. Finally, in order to increase the focus on combat, we could also have a few rare resources spots around the map (Like in "Rise of nations"), and instead of being gatherable, holding them would give some bonus to the player, encouraging the player to fight for the control of those. What do you think? As for the factions, my plan is to have to ottomans in at some point. They would probably be the most unique faction in the mod. As for the USA, my original plan was to have "ages" for the civilizations to advance, corresponding to the early, mid and late century (the units and technology would evolve along those phases too). Since the US only appeared aroun the later part of the century, w would have to give them british units at the early century, and It would be kind weird to put those units against the units of the british nation, I think. Despite that, I think we would easil include the USA in a scenario, campaign or historical battle
  3. Well guys, you probably know me from my contributions to the research of both "Colonial AD" and "For Honor and Glory" mods. This time however, I have a more audacious project: To make a total conversion mod for 0 AD, set in the XVIII century. Some of the game fundamental concepts, such as the idea of citizen-soldiers (which is good for a game set in the classical era;not so good to represent the professional armies of the modern era), but according to 0 AD team, the engine can be easily modified, so I don't think this will be a huge problem.My idea,at least for now,is to make the mod kind of a cross between the age of empires series and the cossacks series, but with more focus on tactics and formations (After all,warfare in this age was often determined by one general's abily to outmaneuver his opponent's lines).As for the nations,my idea is to begin with only 7 countries and latter expand this number with patches. Those 7 would be the main powers of this era, Great Brittain, France, Austria, Prussia, Russia, Spain and Sweden. With these, we would be able to recreate most of the great battles of the century, from Poltava to Rossbach, and experiment the armies of the great generals of the time, such as Karl XII and Frederich the Great. Is anybody interested on the idea?
  4. It wasnt so simple,there were also grenadiers,halberdiers(in the XVII century),light infantry skirmishers,rangers,light cavalry and so on... (The Spaniards even had a longbowman regiment in the XVIII century!)
  5. Hey guys,I'm sorry for my lack of partcipatonon here.I dont dnt know if there is still anyone interested,but I havent gave up,and I have some ideas for the mod: 1)About the timeline:What about around 1607 (Founding of Jamestown Settlement) to 1776 (American revolution)? 2)I think it would be easier and better if we started by planning a few nations only.I'm thinking about England,France,Spain,Portugal and maybe the Dutch.Besides being easier to create,having a small number of nations would make it possible to make those more original and detailled. For now,those are the ideas.What do you think?
  6. Actually what I like the most about 0AD is that it will be a free game,and as much as I'll have to wait to play the game,I'd hate to have to pay for the game.It would kill 0AD's magic for me =(
  7. Cassador,you dont even need to go on gameplay and economic aspects to make those civs diferent.The imperial romans were infantry based while the late ones relied much more in cavalry and auxiliar units.The Parthians used a lot of heavy cavalry too,while the huns didnt;And the germans had good cavalry and weak archers,while the dacians had few horseman but good archers and javelineers.
  8. What about the sassanids and palmyrans?
  9. They existed mainly while japan was an isolated country.They only lasted for 30 thirty years after the country was "reopened" to the other countries...
  10. Yeah,the iberians might provide us with the features we need for the indians. Guys,I will be travelling tomorrow to the countryside,and I will only get back on february.I wont be able to post here regularly,but keep trowing ideas here,and if you can,do some research (Important nations from the XVI/XVII centuries,units of those nations,etc...) ok?Cheers
  11. About the ottoman naval raids:I found the info on wikipedia (So it may be wrong),but this site also mentions it. About the indians:I think they should only be fully playable if we can implement territorial advantages and such (Maybe we can add some total war features while leaving the game as an rts...),but even if not fully playable,they should appear in the mod. About development:What do you guys think of,intead of a mod just based on americas,make this bod about the Renaissance and XVI Century (Like a FHaG "sucessor")?Because the only european factions really important in the americas were the spanish,the british,the portuguese,the french and the dutch (The swedes,danes and poles only had a few colonies for a very short time...). Say what you think.
  12. I like the Aoe3 use of the indians,but we need to improve it a bit.Something between a civ and auxiliary troops maybe.... Hey Belisarivs,lI was missing you here dude!Do you wanna help us here? EDIT:The aztecs arent a real example of a strong native american civ (Outdated weapons and their need to capture enemies instead of killing them were weak points of their military),but the iroquois,the mapuches and even the incas certanly gave some trouble to the europeans. EDIT2:Blablahead,the ottomans never had colonies,but they raided the north american coast in the XVII Century
  13. So as we cant leave rome out of 0 AD... Actually I have two ideas for the timeline.The first is to make the mod ranges from,as you said,1492 to the early/mid XVII Century,and make the mod about the colonizatin of the americas and the european wars of that period.The main atractive of this period is that we would have diverse armies and the factions would also have more variation between them. My other idea is to make the mod from the late XVII Century to the american revolution (Or latter).By this,the nations would already have established their colonies and the mod focus would be in the colonies and in the colonial wars of the period (And this gives us the chance of include some cool looking colonial militias). Of course,we can always make a big timeline,but I'm not a big fan of games with large timelines.The players either rush at the beggining of the game and cant see the later ages or the game becomes a race for the last age.This is,however,my opinion,what do you think? Also,I'm going to PM the other people who were interested in the mod and ask them if they still want to help.
  14. A large european army would have an advantage against the indians,but the colonial armies who fought against them could be easily defeated. So guys,lets start to work on this mod again!However,since Tathar,the mod's leader aparently lost his interest,I think we'll have to do all planning again.To start,I would like to ask you guys an important question:What timeline do you think is best for the mod?I only want to settle this with your help. Cheers
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