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  1. yes non-sword hacking building attacks would be awesome
  2. i would wait for this game if took another 5 years.
  3. what code language is 0ad using and where can i learn it.
  4. it seems since i posted in the the TLA forums no one has posted anything there at all are you all scared of me?
  5. ok i was on vacation and you start trying to force me into things. @ belsarivs i have been studing history and stuff playing aoe3 but i cant make the texture untill i know what the file is going to look like.
  6. yeah as you can see this is going to be a large an mount of work. but i cant realy start till the game is released.
  7. [img=http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c76/AgeofKnights/medivaladcopy1.png] there
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