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  1. yes non-sword hacking building attacks would be awesome
  2. i would wait for this game if took another 5 years.
  3. what code language is 0ad using and where can i learn it.
  4. it seems since i posted in the the TLA forums no one has posted anything there at all are you all scared of me?
  5. ok i was on vacation and you start trying to force me into things. @ belsarivs i have been studing history and stuff playing aoe3 but i cant make the texture untill i know what the file is going to look like.
  6. yeah as you can see this is going to be a large an mount of work. but i cant realy start till the game is released.
  7. [img=http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c76/AgeofKnights/medivaladcopy1.png] there
  8. i am learning C++ right now and im going to go to the store and get some books.
  9. Is there a site you would recomend to go to learn how to ake source code and the stuff required to make a game?
  10. Basic Unit Ideas: British Heavy Calvary: Lancer Heavy cavalry armed with a lance for killing infantry. Cuirassier Heavy cavalry with a trample attack. Ruyter Powerful cavalry available only from the Fortress. Horse Archers Cavalry Archer Ranged cavalry. Good against cavalry. Light Calvary Hussar Light Cavalry armed with cold steel. Dragoon Light Cavalry armed with duel pistols. good against infantry. t Infantry: Explorer The leader of your New World colony. Explores, fights, builds Town Centers and Trading Posts. Musketeer Heavy ranged infantry. Armed with a bayonet to beat cavalry. Pikeman Archaic heavy infantry. Good against cavalry and buildings. Highlander Powerful Musketeer from Scotland. Grenadier Light infantry/artillery that throws grenades to defeat infantry or buildings. Skirmisher Light infantry with low hitpoints, but a long-ranged attack. Good against infantry. Foot Archers Longbowman Archaic long-ranged archer. Good against infantry. Crossbowman Archaic archer. Good against infantry. Naval: Fishing Boat. Gathers Food from Fish or Whales. Caravel. Good at exploring, fishing or transport. Frigate. Heavy war ship. Galleon. Slow, powerful ship resistant to building fire that can train units. Monitor. Mortar ship good at bombarding buildings at great range. Artillery: Falconet Light artillery. Better against infantry than buildings. Culverin Light artillery. Good against other artillery. Heavy Cannon Heavy artillery. Good against infantry or buildings. Mortar Artillery that fires an exploding shell at buildings or ships. Ottomans: Coming soon
  11. I made us a logo. [imghttp://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c76/AgeofKnights/medivaladcopy.png[/img]
  12. ------------------ ------------------ Introduction Friends, Forummers and Viewers I pronounce my project Colonial A.d.. The project is currently underway anywayz I'l be hoping to update this thread bi-weekly. Enjoy the showcase Mod Details: This mod will be the sequal to Belisarivs's: "Medival A.D. : For Honour and Glory" mod units-5% buildings-0% techs-0% other-0% Screenshots Picture Link 1 - Coming Soon. Picture Link 2 - Coming Soon. Picture Link 3 - Coming Soon. Picture Link 4 - Coming Soon.
  13. thats the one i used as the hotmail one backfired.
  14. ok i emailed him the application form
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