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    Dr4\/\/1|\|g, k0/\/\pUt3rZ, B/\/\X, a|\|d t4\/\/kiNg 1N 733t cuZ 1 4/\/\!<br /><br />0|-| s|-|1zN1T! Yu0 g0t p\/\/n3d b1Zn1tc|-|!!!!111!!1

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  1. arg! u guys suX0rZ! ok, ok, no more 733t talk, but i still p\/\/n, erm, i mean "own" all of you!
  2. How far along are you guys done with this game? (aka percentage done [out of 100])
  3. Hey everyone! I just started a new online, all gaming community. the goal of this is to get as many users as possible that play as many games as possible, and its great to meet new gamers who share common interrests. We currently have about 10 members, and more are joining everyday... This new community is called, "The Hierarchy", and it runs just like a feudal system. I recommend that you join it in preparation for this game. As soon as this game is released, all set up a sect for it on my site. if you're interrested in joining, just drop by http://thcommunity.tripod.com and read the rules to see how to get in. Happy pwning everyone...
  4. no no no, i still want my vulcan guns.... oh yea, what about carpet bombing? or gas chambers? or crusifiction, where a little cross apears from nowhere and you see ur villagers on 'em? or what about getting a cheat where a nuke drops from the sky and totally obliterates everyone on the map! or what about, oh sorry, im getting carried away again.. my bad...
  5. okey dokey! thank guys for all the info!
  6. Hey! i'm new to these forums, but ive been following this game for a while now. i first heard of this game from http://ron.heavengames.com i just have a few questions: 1. how large will this game be (file size)? 2. what will the system requirements be? 3. You'll be able to rotate and zoom, right? 4. can you implement a cheat system where i can get an Apache Helicpoter with vulcan guns and just mow everyone down? 5. will there be a population limit? and if there is, what will it be? PS, you guys rock! this game's gunna totally pwn!!!!!
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