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  1. Hosted at the San Diego Convention Center as part of the 2007 ACM SIGGRAPH Sandbox Symposium...
  2. As you can see, I'm retired from the team. Please direct all future enquiries concerning quality assurance to Jason Bishop (Wijitmaker).
  3. The following questions are covered in the candidacy FAQs. I've left this topic open in case there are any more. What is the process for applying to join the Quality Assurance team? What criteria is used to select candidates for the Quality Assurance team? How many people are expected to join the Quality Assurance team? What are the requirements of a Quality Analyst? What are the requirements of a Focus Tester? What materials will be provided? What training opportunities will be provided? How are contributions measured? I'm also waiting for the new job application system to launch before I post the candidacy FAQs document.
  4. *whew* That was a lot of image links. I replaced the images in Abadu's posts with links to the images. Guys, please try not to post more than a few images in a post, at least until we add an automatic image resizer to the forum. Thanks.
  5. But I'm not. When the title goes gold, you'll know. Topic closed.
  6. Not yet, Joseph. When I start recruiting testers, you'll see the news on the front page.
  7. You'll know we're close to pre-alpha when I start recruiting testers.
  8. Yes! Several major publishers have solicited inquiries; however, we have maintained that transitioning 0 A.D. to a commercial model would be a disservice to our past contributors as well as a betrayal of the community's trust in our word. We are dedicated to fulfilling our promise to release 0 A.D. as freeware. We're not going to name names though. We prefer to keep our options open for the future!
  9. True, but keep in mind the status of 0 A.D. We're not even near the polish phase yet.
  10. Well, if you only wanted a sapless make-a-game kit, you should have said so! Right Hemisphere Deep Creator (formerly Cosmos Creator) Blitz Basic
  11. We've made no concrete decisions regarding the release of our source code. When we do, we'll let everyone know.
  12. www.devmaster.net www.flipcode.com www.gamedev.net www.garagegames.com www.gdse.com www.generation5.org Tip: Start small, end big.
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