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  1. IF you want a good RTW mod but want to keep the same basic formula of ancient comabt, Rome Total Realism can't be beat. It adds more provinces, waaaaay more units, completely different skins, makes the unplayable factions playable, and just makes the game way more realistic. www.rometotalrealism.org, though the server's down. Just download Rome Total Realism 6 Gold and follow the directions.
  2. Hi all. This game caught my eye a few months ago and I've been following it ever since. It's apparant that this game has been built by some of the most dedicated designers of games I've ever heard of, but I must wonder: with so long an amount of time going into production, how close is the game to going gold (yes, I know it's free, but still) or even to a beta? I know it'll be done when it's done but I can't help but wonder. Even a percentage overall would be a great indicator. One more thing. I also know that this has most likely been brought up numerous times but quite honestly I do not want to go sifting back into the dark ages to find the post, so please forgive me.
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