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  1. THX ^^ A import plugin for max (r6, 7 or 8) would be very usefoul
  2. Well like reference images for me to create 3D models I look at them and then I model my char in that way I need them to make some units for my rts (both buildings and units)
  3. srry for duble post but... MAY I USE THE CONCEPT ART?????(I don't like to use thease things without permision)
  4. I was wndering if u'r gonna give the sourcecode... It will help a lot of indie develolpers... And I was also wondering if you are going to give the graphics free(the 3D animated models + texture) I would love it... cuz when i make my games i need graphics... Of course no games to be public but... for own use Like I make a game to see my skils and only I play it(and maybe some of my friends for testing) I would realy apreciate if u would release the source and the gfx (mostly the gfx)
  5. Lolz U asked me to help you out and the u replyed that u don't have the gutz to train me... Thats wierd... why should you "train" me? Anyway can I still use the concept?
  6. Lol I am 15 to but I do gfx for about 4-5 years http://reinerstileset.4players.de/forum/viewtopic.php?t=247 I'm bilaboy and those are my gfx for games
  7. Er... there wasn't 3d Modeller so I put myself as a 3D animator but I can do that to (still I wanth to work as a modeller)
  8. Hi I need some of your concept art to make some models for a cinematic So may I use them(givving u guys credit)? Also do u need help with modeling? I work on 3D studio max 8 and my specility is lowpoly(though still working on humans)
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