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  1. The Romans were by no means "stupid" in the technology department. I think a better word would be "Non-innovative." They imitated most of the Ancient Greek technology, but then also expanded upon it for their own needs. They didn't event many great technological devices, but they were able to understand and adapt the ones already in existance.
  2. Keep it mind that it is based on a Graphic Novel, which in itself isn't meant to be historically accurate. Its more of a fan-fiction of Thermopylae than an actual telling of the real tale. On a more positive note, it does look like a sweet movie.
  3. True dat. A great battle. One that would be fairly easy to implement into 0 A.D. I think. Possibly as a single-scenario or as a great campaign. Hint hint Development team.
  4. Alas, Esus you are quite right. The quinquereme was indeed first invented by the Syracusans, sometime during the 4th Century BC. And, they did too also invent the quadrireme. And according the a wikipedia article, they were invented because there was a shortage of skilled oarsmen to sail triremes. The quads and quins maximized massed muscle-power rather than a smaller number of more skilled oarsmen.
  5. The proper name for the 5-row ships is "Quinquereme" not Quintireme. First used by the Carthaginians, 1 was eventually captured and then the Romans used them pretty heavily during the Punic Wars. Particulary the 2nd. And illyrian, the Romans did too have their own cavalry. The Equestrians were the name for Roman cavarly. Most were rich citizens or up-and-coming young senators trying to gain military experience. However, they were largely used alongside 'better' allied cavalry.
  6. Achilles, you've watched the trailer right? Well, thats not unlike most E3 videos. The only thing missing is the date of release-which according to the staff is still up in the air- and gameplay footage- well, they have just state that the game is only mostly playable. Whats the point of gameplay footage if it isn't pure eye-candy? Most of E3 videos, are only released when the game is either complete but needs bug-testing, or is only two or three quarters away from release. And as for the pom-pom waving, why not? It'll only make finally getting the game that much better.
  7. O A.D. looks like its gonna be a kick-@#$% game. One thats already seemed to draw a huge crowd. Seeing as its going to be free, it might draw potential buyers away from more expensive games like it. Especially like Rise and Fall, although its been out for awhile, it is still expected to be sold. Just curious, have any developing companies/publishers like Midway, or Big Huge offered you any support/good lucks/screw yous or offers of buying you guys out to take over development?
  8. Personally can't wait to play the Romans. I've never played a game that seems to demonstrate their unique military style much. And as this is geared toward trying to be historically accurate as well as great gameplay my wish might finally come true.
  9. Hi. New here, I just heard about 0 A.D. about a week ago. Yes, I realize I'm a bit late seeing as this game has been in the making for about 6 years. Anyway, say for instance I've got a line of Roman hastati being charged at by a band of celts. I sent my cavalry around their rear and as the celts meet the hastati the cavalry smash into the rear of the celts. Aside from the bonus dmg from charging, is there also a bonus because the horse is attacking the unprotected rear of the celts? Is this factor being put into the game? Debated? etc? ( I apologize is this has already been discussed before I haven't been able to find any previous mention of it.)
  10. Well if you wanted to get technical about it, pretty much all of Carthage's units were mercenaries. Except for sailors and Citizen phalanxes. So at least in one sense, mercenaries will be in the game. And personally, I thought wonders were ok, but not really necessary to make the game great.
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